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  • GameSquare Acquires Thunderpick ChampionsFaZe Clan
    Following a rollercoaster year that brought extreme lows (in the form of plummeting share prices) and affirming highs, evidenced in their recent victory at Thunderpick World Championships, the US-based eSports team FaZe Clan has been handed a much-needed lifeline from GameSquare Holdings Inc. The Texas-based digital media and entertainment powerhouse,… Read more »
  • What to do in World of Warcraft Dragonflight Two Months After the Release of the UpdateWhat to do in World of Warcraft Dragonflight Two Months After the Release of the Update
    Another major update for World of Warcraft called Dragonflight has been added to the world of Azeroth. What should players see, and what can they do after two months? Mage Tower Leveling Draktir Professions and specializations Dragons and flying Mage Tower The Tower of Mages is a long-forgotten, but returned… Read more »
  • Top 2K Games Holiday Gift Ideas for 2023Top 2K Games Holiday Gift Ideas for 2023
    If you are shopping for a gamer this year who loves titles by 2K Games, you are in luck. Whether the gamer on your list is into sports games, shooter games, strategy games or tactical RPGs, there is a 2K Games title that will delight your recipient. In this post,… Read more »
  • AI in Gaming Evolution: A Double-Edged Sword—Can It Help Prevent Cheating?
    The gaming industry has radically benefited from the integration of artificial intelligence (AI). However, as with many innovations, there is often a dual impact; AI has played an integral role in concurrently preventing and enabling cheating in gaming. Ergo, this article assesses the origins of cheating in the gaming industry,… Read more »
  • Gaming’s next frontier: what lies ahead in game development
    The gaming world is a dynamic and ever-evolving space, where technology constantly pushes boundaries. As we gaze into the future, game developers are gearing up to embrace trends that promise to reshape the industry. Technological advancements and creative innovation are paving the way for immersive gaming experiences like never before.… Read more »
  • The Top 5 Biggest Wins in Online Casinos in 2023The Top 5 Biggest Wins in Online Casinos in 2023
    As an online casino gamer, you should be aware that even though the year is gradually ending, the chances to win massively are higher than ever. There’s no “best time” to play online casino games; even the last day of the year is a chance to win a mouth-watering jackpot.… Read more »
  • 8 Game-Based Learning Websites Students Should Know in 2023
    If you have ever studied for several hours without proper breaks, you can attest to how mentally and physically draining it is. That’s because continuous learning without adequate breaks can lead to mental fatigue, burnout, and reduced cognitive performance. The brain needs time to rest and recharge to process information… Read more »
  • The potential of blockchain and cryptocurrency to transform theWeb3 gaming ecosystem
    The gaming industry has constantly ripened, from Computer Space and the range of arcade titles that follow in the pioneer’s footsteps to the emergence of multiplayer online projects. Nowadays, the world is witnessing important innovations again, given the appearance of cryptocurrencies, Web3, and blockchain, which have transformed how people relate… Read more »
  • 4 Alternatives to High-Intensity Pokies for Australians
    As an Australian, you probably share your country’s love affair with pokies. But what you may not love are the high-intensity pokies you find offline. In this post, we will share alternatives to high-intensity pokies for Australians. For example, playing progressive jackpot pokies online can be a much more rewarding… Read more »
  • The History Of Slot Machines
    Slot machines have a rich history that stretches back over a century, evolving from simple mechanical devices to cutting-edge electronic wonders. Come with us as we take a journey back through the history of slot machines as we explore their origins, developments, and the impact they’ve had on society. The… Read more »

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