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  • Mac Pro GPUs by Era
    Mac Pro Evolution Each design of the Mac Pro over the years has had its advantages and disadvantages when it comes to overall system architecture and design, including the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) options available.  Many factors are at play when determining what kind of graphics card you can run… Read more »
  • Starting Over: A Low End Mac Legacy
    Dear Low End Mac friends: Apologies for the very long hiatus on new articles on the website. Things haven’t been easy for a while. Over the summer/early fall, our founder Dan Knight decided to step away after around 24 years of running Low End Mac and its day to day… Read more »
  • The Mac OS news roundup #3
    I know what you’re thinking, and you’re right. We’re a bit late on our Mac OS news update – the first for 2021. That’s because I was busy, busy, busy – sorry! But lots of activity in the (retro) Mac OS scene and many exciting projects we need to talk… Read more »
  • Dual Purposing a TV as a Display for your Mac: 2021 Edition
    Using your TV as a display for your Mac (or any computer really) has taken a lot of twists and turns over the years.  Each era as display technology has evolved has seen significant progression, but not until recently has TV technology had the right mix of features, functionality, and… Read more »
  • GPU Madness in the Mac Pro 5,1: Early 2021 Edition
    This is a bit of a throwback to my article from May of last year – Tri-Booting a Mac Pro 2,1 – not long before I had just procured my Mac Pro 5,1 (well technically a 4,1 that was flashed to a 5,1 with dual Intel Xeon 5680 CPUs with… Read more »
  • Best Modern Alternative to the Mac Pro 5,1
    It’s safe to say that the Mac Pro 5,1 will reach the end of the line at some point in the next few years – even in terms of user base extended support such as patching tools that have allowed Catalina (and now Big Sur) to be installed keeping these… Read more »
  • The Mac OS news roundup #2
    Hello and welcome to our Mac OS news roundup #2. Christmas isn’t too far off and we’re all looking forward to the holidays, aren’t we? I’m especially curious about the new Mac OS related projects that are going to surface! SCSI2Ethernet board This is one exciting news! If you’re among… Read more »
  • Mac Media Hub Evolution Part 1: The 480i and 480p Era (2000-07)
    Hello Low Enders! It’s been a while, so I’m going to enlighten all of you with a great new series on using the Mac as a media hub and how it has evolved over time. As we have gotten newer Macs throughout the years to integrate into our home theater… Read more »
  • The Mac OS news roundup #1
    It has been almost 10 years since I published my article Back to Mac OS 9, Because It’s All I Need on Low End Mac. Lots of things changed in my life since then – I got married, became a dad of three kids and I changed my job. But… Read more »
  • Dear Apple: Your Services Are No Longer Required.
    Anyone who knows me knows that I was among the biggest Apple Evangelists to ever live. Apple was in my DNA.  I believed in Apple’s products, Apple’s services, and Apple’s mission (or at least what they said their mission was).  I was an Apple employee for nearly 13 years, and… Read more »

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