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  • Nerf’s Gjallarhorn Rocket Launcher from Destiny is Gigantic
    If you think the infamous Gjallarhorn rocket launcher from Destiny would be disappointingly kid-sized, fear not: Bungie has just revealed what an actual blaster looks like — and when fans can get it. Preorders for the over 4-foot-long, 1:1 scale blaster will begin July 7th at 10AM PT / 1PM ET,… Read more »
  • MULTIVERSE DESIGNER Offers A 3D Narrative Engine
    Multiverse Designer, a brand-new 3D narrative engine that has the ability to take your stories and tabletop gaming to a new level on Steam. From Indie Developer Toopan Games comes this ever-expanding experience. With an array of 3D models both animated and static, Multiverse Designer takes the stories and tabletop… Read more »
  • ‘Atari 50’ Is Bringing Back 100 Classic Games To Xbox This November
    Atari has revealed today that Atari 50: The Anniversary Collection will be coming to Xbox in November 2022, bringing over 90 classics from the Atari Arcade, 2600, 5200, 7800, Atari 8-bit computers, Lynx, and Jaguar platforms. The collection will include “best-in-class emulation and modern quality-of-life enhancements”, along with six new games… Read more »
  • Valve Has Downgraded The Steam Deck SSD on Some 256GB and 512GB models
    If you bought a Steam Deck, there’s something you should know. Valve recently pinched the listed specs, meaning you could potentially land a model with a downgraded SSD. The change impacts the 256GB and 512GB devices, but not all of them, so you won’t know if you’re getting the slower… Read more »
  • MX VS ATV LEGENDS Takes Off Today!
    The new title in the 2-wheeler vs 4-wheeler motor racing series is here! THQ Nordic and Rainbow Studios have released MX vs ATV Legends on PC via Steam, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One so even casual players can become a legend. This new game features… Read more »
  • New Fallout: London Trailer Proves London’s Weather Never Changes
    Fallout: London, the “DLC-sized” Fallout 4 mod set in post-apocalyptic England, has a long new trailer and a release window. That last bit is excellent news for fans of power armor and old-timey radio stations because Fallout: London will come out sometime in 2023. Just as importantly, there are a… Read more »
  • Insane Skyrim Mod With Dragons In 16K Textures
    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is over 10 years old, but remains by a space the most famous title on the mod database NexusMods. The fact it’s been out so long also means that most of the things you could think of doing with it have already happened, and so… Read more »
  • SQUAD, The Best MilSim FPS Got Its Biggest Update Ever
    Squad the tactical FPS is slowly growing. Almost two years after leaving early access, the underrated military simulator is still getting significant updates. The new is update 3.0 Amphibious Assault, which adds a new playable faction, weapons, amphibious vehicles, and a coastal map to drive them on. This is the… Read more »
  • 5 Tips On How to Play Cribbage
    Do you think winning Cribbage depends on luck, or does it require some skills? Well, the player who knows and understands the games of Cribbage is at an advantage. But beating a player who has a good run of luck is not easy in this game. So, even if you… Read more »
  • NO MAN’S SKY Coming To Nintendo Switch
    Bandai Namco announced that No Man’s Sky will be coming to the Nintendo Switch on October 7, 2020. In addition to the digital and physical versions of the Switch, for the first time, a physical edition of the game will be available for the PlayStation 5 the same day. No… Read more »

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