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  • Debunking 4 Most Common Solar Panel System Myths
    Solar panel systems’ sales have increased over the last few years. But there are still many who are yet to make the transition. One of the reasons for people resisting the change is the myths surrounding solar panel systems. And the sad part is that people believe these myths without… Read more »
  • خمس عادات مستدامة وصديقة للبيئة لشرب القهوة
    تُعد القهوة من ضمن أكثر المشروبات إستهلاكا في العالم مع الماء والشاي، حيث يتمتع هذا المشروب بشعبية كبيرة حتى أن بعض الاشخاص ليس لديهم القدرة على بدء نهارهم وأداء وظائفهم اليومية دون تناول كوب قوي من القهوة. إن كنت من محبي القهوة، فهنالك أمور عديدة يمكنك ان تقوم بها لتجعل… Read more »
  • The Paper Bag Boy of Abu Dhabi
    Abdul Muqeet, also known as the Paper Bag Boy, has risen from being just another ordinary student to an extra-ordinary environmentalist, eco-hero and eco-warrior. At just ten years old, Abdul Muqeet has demonstrated his commitment to saving the environment in United Arab Emirates and elsewhere. Inspired by the 2010 campaign… Read more »
  • Construction Wastes Management in the UAE
    Out of total solid wastes generated in the UAE, the construction and demolition wastes or (C&D wastes) account for 70% of the total weight of solid wastes. Dubai alone produces nearly 5,000 tonnes of construction and demolition waste every day, which is about 70% of the total solid waste generated… Read more »
  • Eco-friendly Practices For Efficient Plumbing Systems
    When you tap into the faucet, do you ponder on the journey of water from the source to your sink? Probably not. However, people should be paying more attention to how water systems operate given how vital they are to their everyday lives. The good news is that there are… Read more »
  • Building Businesses with Purpose: Social Entrepreneurship
    Although profit margins often dominate business discussions, a new wave of entrepreneurs is emerging, driven not only by financial success but by a deeper sense of purpose. Social entrepreneurship has taken root as a powerful means of positive change, emphasizing a fusion of profit-making with social impact. In this article,… Read more »
  • The Problem of Plastic Pollution in the UAE and Possible Solutions
    Plastic pollution is a serious global issue. The United Nations Environment programme highlights that each day, “the equivalent of 2,000 garbage trucks full of plastic are dumped into the world’s oceans, rivers, and lakes”. Annually, this translates into some 19-23 million tons of plastic waste leaks into aquatic ecosystems and… Read more »
  • السياحة البيئية في سلطنة عُمان
    السياحة والسفر والرحلات البرية والبحرية في العالم باتت ركيزة أساسية في كل مكان. وأصبحت محط أنظار الاقتصاديين في استغلال المكونات الطبيعية و التراثية الثقافية لرفع اقتصاد أي دولة في العالم. و تطورت السياحة في العالم الغربي بشكل كبير, و تزايدت اعداد السياح في العالم مما أدى إلى ظهور مكاتب مسؤولة… Read more »
  • 5 Ways To Keep Your Home Warm This Winter
    The year’s coldest and bitterest season can have us scrambling for room heater, extra jumpers, blankets and coats even within the comfort of our own homes. But it certainly doesn’t have to be the case. By making a number of incredibly simple changes, you can quickly replace the chill enveloping… Read more »
  • Solar Energy in Qatar
    Qatar’s solar energy future is steadily developing. With average daily sunshine of around 9.5 hours, low-cloud cover conditions and plentiful space, there is great scope for small, medium as well as large-scale solar power projects in the country. Qatar’s global horizontal irradiance is 2,140 kWh per m2 per year which… Read more »

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