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  • ShopNow
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    Terms and Conditions: The competition is valid from 15 June 2021 to 15 September 2021. Drop a copy of your invoice into the Schneider competition entry box located in the branch OR email your invoice to marketing@voltex.co.za.         Make sure your NAME, SURNAME AND CELLPHONE NUMBER appear on the invoice…… Read more »
  • Voltex Webinar Featuring CBI-Electric: Low VoltageVoltex Webinar Featuring CBI-Electric: Low Voltage
    CBI-Electric: low voltage will be joining Voltex for an engaging webinar featuring the New Astute Smart Range. CBI’s new range of loT products will be explained and demonstrated. Download the ‘CBI Home App’ on your smartphone or tablet for simulation during the webinar. The post Voltex Webinar Featuring CBI-Electric: Low… Read more »
  • Branch Locator
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  • Voltex Webinar featuring Shuttle
    n this episode of our Voltex Webinar series, we invited Shuttle Lighting to talk us through Dimming LED’s 101. A very informative session indeed! Marthinus Smit talked us through the fundamentals and technical insights when installing dimmable LED’s. The do’s, don’ts and common mistakes that are made in the installation…… Read more »
  • Voltex Webinar featuring Electech Renewable Solutions
    What a great first for us to host a webinar purely on the basics of Renewable Energy! We have always aimed to keep abreast with the ever growing technology of Solar and Renewable Energy Solutions. We’ve gained so much industry experience and knowledge, which we loved sharing with you! Offering…… Read more »
  • Voltex Webinar featuring Pioled Lighting
    In this episode of our Voltex Webinar series, we invited Pioled Lighting to discuss LED made simple. What a great topic indeed! The team from Pioled Lighting kicked off by explaining confusing LED terminology and led through the webinar by engaging on an insightful discussion. Since Pioled’s inception in 2008,…… Read more »
  • Voltex Webinar featuring Fluke
    In this episode of our Voltex Webinar Channel, we have invited renowned brand Fluke to come and talk to us about Battery Testing Maintenance and Reporting Results. Gerrit took us through the most interesting presentation, giving us real insight into battery testing, maintenance and reporting. Missed this webinar? We have…… Read more »
  • Contact
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  • Voltex Webinar featuring Weidmuller SA
    With another episode of our Voltex Webinars coming your way, we couldn’t be prouder to showcase our own internal brand, Weidmuller SA in this session. We talk about the best Automation, Instrumentation and Electrical Connections for 2020! We have our very talented and entertaining Weidmuller team members talking us through…… Read more »

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