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  • Future of Bitcoin Trading in Malaysia
    The cryptocurrency industry in Malaysia is still in its early stages, but the future looks bright for Bitcoin trading. The Malaysian government has shown a positive attitude towards cryptocurrencies, and the Central Bank of Malaysia has even published a report on the potential of blockchain technology. Visit for further… Read more »
  • Air Twister Wild Arcade Shooter: Legendary Designer Yu Suzuki Returns
    A lot is going on in Air Twister. The arcade-style shooter from legendary creator Yu Suzuki is out today on Apple Arcade. It pushes players through a strange fiction world of armored birds, floating cities, flying squids, skeletal dragons, and evil clocks. Suzuki, best known for his work at Sega… Read more »
  • Microsoft Preparing to end Support notifications Windows 8.1
    Microsoft is designing to send reminders to Windows 8.1 users that will conclude on January 10th, 2023. The software giant will send messages to existing Windows 8.1 devices next month as a first reminder showing up to the January 2023 support cutoff. The notifications will be identical to those Microsoft… Read more »
  • Netflix confirms an Ad-supported tier is Happening
    Netflix’s co-CEO Ted Sarandos has ensured that the company plans to submit an ad-supported tier to its streaming service in a discussion at the Cannes Lions advertising festival. The New York Times documented last month that the company strives to proceed out the new tier by the end of 2022.… Read more »
  • How To Start A Photography Business: Definitive Steps
    Everybody wants excellent photographs of essential days or everyday memories. If you have a basic awareness of photography and want to expand your skills, instituting a photography business could be an excellent way to develop your creative skill set and establish a profitable hustle. Read a simple manual below on… Read more »
  • 5 Tips for Starting a New Sales Role
    So after a series of sales interviews, you finally got selected. You are entering into a new world, everything sounds fun and exciting at the moment. However, the reality is quite different.  The sales job is a bit tough and challenging for the newcomers. You will be required to know… Read more »
  • 4 Tips to Succeed in Your Next Sales Interview
    Tired of being rejected in the sales interview when you are destined to be a salesperson? Well, the sales job is challenging because the company’s profit is generated from sales. Therefore, the authorities take the sales interviews “very” seriously. That’s the major reason why sales interviews are believed to be… Read more »
  • What Is Perfect Diary Skincare And Their Benefits
    With Perfect Diary skincare you get more benefits than you can imagine, the skin is delicate, and should be treated with quality products, and that are not aggressive, for the skincare to be efficient, you must take into account that the skin is the largest organ that has in the… Read more »
  • Delta-8 Flower: The Latest in Natural Anxiety Relief
    The cannabis industry is constantly changing, and new strains are popping up all the time. From hybrids to sativas and indicas — there are lots of different types of weed that it can be hard to keep track. One cannabinoid (found in cannabis plants) that has gained popularity rather quickly… Read more »
  • Good Night, work at your own pace.
    The post Good Night, work at your own pace. appeared first on SaveDelete. Read more »

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