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  • Japan Backpacking Route
    The land of the rising sun continues to fascinate visitors with its unique cultural quirks and futuristic cities. Few countries are easier to get around with Japan’s bullet trains, making getting from A to B as straight-forward and fast as could be. Below, we’ll outline one possible Japan backpacking route… Read more »
  • The Worst Airports in the US
    In this post, we’re going to look at the worst airports in the US according to passenger ratings. While many American airports have excellent facilities and have improved considerably in recent years, others have started to feel dated. International travellers meanwhile continue to be frustrated by long waits and at… Read more »
  • When to Go to Central America – Best and Worst Times to Visit
    Central America’s popularity amongst travellers has grown during the 21st Century. Backpackers from around the world travel the length of what is a relatively small region while Costa Rica and Panama in particular have gained popularity amongst North American visitors on shorter trips. Below, we’ll look at the climate in… Read more »
  • The Busiest Airports in Italy
    Italy is one of Europe’s most popular travel destinations with visitors from far and wide drawn in by the prospect of visiting its historic cities and enjoying its world famous cuisine. While Rome is the capital and best known destination, smaller cities such as Florence, Venice and Pisa are also… Read more »
  • Patagonia Backpacking Route (Argentina & Chile)
    Travelling through Patagonia is quite simply a nature lover’s dream. This Patagonia backpacking route, covering the best of Southern Argentina and Chile starts in Santiago and ends in Ushuaia, the southern tip of the South American continent. In other words, you will be as close to Antarctica as it is… Read more »
  • The USA’s Hottest Cities
    The United States has one of the most varied and extreme climates of any country on Earth with scorching hot summers and freezing winters the norm in many states. Below, we’re going to take a look at the hottest cities in the US, by average temperature throughout the year, and… Read more »
  • 10 Weird and Wonderful places to stay
    Getting bored of the ‘same, same’ feel when it comes to hotels and hostels? Then this article is most definitely for you with 10 weird and wonderful places to stay listed from around the world. It features capsules, pods and wigwams and just about everything in-between. 10 Weird & Wonderful… Read more »
  • Vietnam Backpacking Route
    Backpacking Vietnam by train is one of the very best travel experiences in Southeast Asia. The Vietnam backpacking route on this page follows the Reunification express, an unofficial term used to describe the line which runs north to south between the country’s two biggest cities – Hanoi & Ho Chi… Read more »
  • The Busiest Airports in Australia
    In this post we’re going to look at the busiest airports in Australia. We will compare passenger numbers before the pandemic with the latest figures for 2021-2022. Figures are rounded up or down to the nearest 100,000 for all major airports in Australia. Passenger numbers relate to the annual total… Read more »
  • South Caucasus Backpacking Routes (Georgia, Armenia & Azerbaijan)
    Backpacking the South Caucasus region will see you discover a unique mixture of the old world and modern civilisation. Neither Asia nor Europe, the area manages to blend together two cultures and create their own one. This page includes suggested travel itineraries for Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan, three destinations that… Read more »

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