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  • What are the warmest winter destinations in Europe?
    As the year end approaches in Europe, the list of potential destinations for sunny, warm short-haul breaks starts to dwindle. Temperature levels have plummeted across almost all of the continent by November time with only the very warmest winter destinations in Europe still offering what might be described as “beach… Read more »
  • 10 Things to do in The Himalayas
    Like a crown on a king’s head, the majestic Himalayas adorn my country – India. The Himalayan range swarms over the north and north east of the country and boasts a great variety of flora and fauna. Read on for 10 things to do in The Himalayas or head over to… Read more »
  • 10 Budget Travel Tips for China
    Travelling across China can be pretty tough for first-timers, and even tougher if you are short on cash. Let’s face it, the days of having supremely cheap travel in China are long gone and just a distant memory. Prices for food, airline tickets and hotels are gradually increasing, with China’s… Read more »
  • Off the beaten track in Australia – 5 weird and unusual things to see
    From my home in New Zealand, it’s not too much of a hop over to Australia, relatively speaking, and it’s a country I know well and love. Oz is a truly unique, beautiful land, and no matter how long you’re visiting for, you will never run out of things to… Read more »
  • What are the best places to visit in Rajasthan?
    Rajasthan is probably the most interesting state in all of India from a traveller’s perspective with an enormous wealth of history and culture to indulge in. It is the land where kings once ruled and where enormous forts and palaces have stood the test of time. We’re going to take… Read more »
  • Backpacking Varanasi – The ultimate attack on the senses
    India is a country that thrills, surprises and sometimes shocks visitors on a daily basis and that is all part of its charm and why people visit it. The big cities like Mumbai and Delhi are frenetic, manic urban jungles. However there is one place that travellers in India speak… Read more »
  • Travel Insurance for Backpackers from the UK – Best Options Compared
    Within the UK, there are a wide range of options for travel insurance providers and many now offer packages tailored towards backpackers and longer term travellers. We’re going to take a look at some of the main options for the best backpacker travel insurance for UK residents and see how… Read more »
  • Heymondo vs SafetyWing Travel Insurance Comparison
    Heymondo and SafetyWing are two of the providers of some of the cheapest travel insurance options for backpackers and budget travellers. In this Heymondo vs SafetyWing comparison, we’ll compare their packages and see where they are similar and where they differ. Heymondo vs SafetyWing Key Differences While the two companies… Read more »
  • 10 of the Best Football Cities
    We’ve highlighted ten of the best football cities around the world that are known for their passion for the beautiful game. They are in no particular order, but are all great places to take in some football for different reasons and each offer unique experiences. Featured are destinations for some… Read more »
  • Heymondo Review & Discount Code
    In this Heymondo review, we’ll look at the popular travel insurance provider and assess what is and isn’t covered in their various packages. We also have a Heymondo discount code which enables new users to reduce the cost of their coverage. Heymondo Discount Code – Sign Up here for 5%… Read more »

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