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  • Drive to De-Risk and Crystallise Value Spurs Interest in ‘Cash-Out’ Opportunities
    Against the current economic backdrop, and with a potential recession looming, business owners with significant wealth tied up in their companies are looking to de-risk their positions. Some are weighing up ways to crystallise part of the value they have created by selling a portion of their shareholding to a… Read more »
  • Guide To Writing An Effective Executive Summary
    The good news is that an executive summary is brief. It’s part of a larger document, such as a business plan, business case, or project proposal, and it summarises the broader report, as the name implies.  The bad news is that it is an essential document that might be difficult… Read more »
  • 6 Free Social Media Management Tools For Businesses
    Social media has grown into a digital realm. It has now become a crucial component of digital marketing. However, just because over 3 billion individuals around the world use social media, doesn’t necessarily mean it is simple to maximise its potential. The success of social media is heavily reliant on… Read more »
  • The Freedom of Freelancing: Why Businesses Shouldn’t Fight the Rise of Independent Careers
    The professional status quo has been well and truly disrupted. In particular, the pandemic gave the global working population a chance to re-evaluate their values. Whether greater autonomy, a complete change in direction, or more flexibility, many realised what they want from a career. We are seeing the result of… Read more »
  • Work Perks: Why Your Business Should Say Goodbye to the Free Gym Membership
    Ping-pong tables, bucket-list experiences, bottomless sweets dispensers… employee work perks these days are many and varied. But do work perks actually work? Just as some say that the truly happy person never posts on social media, I contend that the truly satisfied employee doesn’t need work perks. At least, not… Read more »
  • How To Write A Letter Of ResignationHow To Write A Letter Of Resignation
    When the time comes to leave your job, you must let your employer know in writing by way of a resignation letter. If it’s been a while since you’ve moved jobs, you would like an example to follow, or it’s the first time that you’ve had to give formal notification… Read more »
  • How To Set Up A Massage Therapy BusinessHow To Set Up A Massage Therapy Business
    If you’re looking for a profitable business opportunity, massage therapy could be the perfect choice. With more and more people in the UK recognising the benefits of massage therapy, if you get your business right, there is good potential in such a business. However, starting a massage therapy business can… Read more »
  • Celebrating British Excellence with Sarah Austin
    Sarah Austin had a nearly fifteen-year-long career in corporate event management, including a highly respected position in an FTSE 100 company. Now, she’s the proud Founder of Sarah Austin Events, the company that celebrates the fantastic, innovative work of companies across the UK with the British Business Excellence Awards. The… Read more »
  • The Benefits of Sourcing Overseas
    Global Sourcing is a procurement strategy that is used by businesses. In this strategy, goods and services are sourced from the global market in order to achieve the highest levels of efficiency that are possible. The goal of this strategy is to maximise profitability. The primary goal of global sourcing… Read more »
  • 11 Product Ideas To Buy In Bulk And Sell Individually11 Product Ideas To Buy In Bulk And Sell Individually
    There are many items to buy in bulk and sell individually that can be incredibly profitable. This type of business is known as ‘retail arbitrage’ and it is a great way to make money on the side or even start a whole new career. The important factors in running a… Read more »

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