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  • Mental Fortitude and Gambling: A Complex Interplay
    Gambling presents a complex interplay between chance, skill, and individual psychology, whether at a physical casino or online. While some believe that “mental fortitude” is essential for success in gambling, the answer is not so clear-cut. This article delves into the intricate relationship between mental resilience and gambling, exploring its… Read more »
  • Art Collector and Wall Street Banker Andre Meyer and His Legacy by N’Gunu Tiny
    N’Gunu Tiny is CEO and Chairman of Emerald Group, an international investment company with a focus on financial inclusion in the developing world.  Many figures from industry and banking have inspired me and continue to inspire me. Whether it’s their legacy in the form of great art collections and vast… Read more »
  • Tips on How to Play Casino Responsibly
    Gambling is a risky form of entertainment. Of course, this happens when you take gambling seriously, which in hindsight, is not a bad thing since it’s the norm. However, for some people, it’s mostly a form of entertainment. That said, no matter if you gamble in the casino for fun… Read more »
  • Tagir Sitdekov
    Tagir Sitdekov is a senior executive with many years of experience in finance, consulting, and investment. He is now the head of the Sistema corporation, where he devotes much time and energy to achieving sustainable development goals, supporting young professionals, and developing new socially significant technologies. Name Tagir Sitdekov Tagir… Read more »
  • 10 Best Kit Cars You’ll Want to Build Right Now
    On the off chance that you need to drive something novel, moderate, and to your particulars and gain the fulfillment of developing a vehicle from the beginning, may simply require a unit vehicle in your life. There’s no concealing the way that focusing on building a packed vehicle, as in… Read more »

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