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  • Helicopter Worth $54,000 Stolen From India
    The Indian Defence Ministry has clarified that the news of a dummy helicopter worth $54,000 installed at Lucknow being stolen is fake. They stated that the DRDO has never installed any helicopter model in Lucknow at any time. On Saturday (May 18), the Indian Defence Ministry stated that claims in… Read more »
  • Visa-Free Travel Agreement Likely Between Russia And India By 2024-End
    According to Nikita Kondratyev, head of the Department of Multilateral Economic Cooperation and Special Projects at the Russian Ministry of Economic Development, a visa-free travel agreement between Russia and India is likely by the end of 2024. According to a Russian minister, talks on a bilateral agreement to facilitate travel… Read more »
  • France Blames Deadly New Caledonia Uprising On TikTok, Russia, & Azerbaijan
    According to a recently published report in Politico, French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin and other officials blame the deadly New Caledonia uprising on TikTok, Russia, and Azerbaijan. Further disturbing photos from the ongoing rioting and turmoil in the French Pacific island of New Caledonia have surfaced, and more French troops—including… Read more »
  • Common Medications For ADHD Linked To Increased Risk Of Glaucoma
    According to a recent study by resident physician Dr. Rami Darwich, common medications for ADHD are linked to an increased risk of glaucoma. This includes amphetamines and methylphenidate, which may elevate intraocular pressure and potentially lead to vision loss. You can read the original article here. A recent Canadian study… Read more »
  • Doctor Fined For Prescribing Ivermectin Against COVID-19
    The Washington Medical Commission has fined Dr. Wei-Hsung Lin from Washington state $5,000 for prescribing Ivermectin against COVID-19. You can read the original article here. A doctor in Washington state was penalized for giving ivermectin to treat COVID-19. Additionally, as per recently filed records, he needs to take continuing education… Read more »
  • Vitalik Buterin Says OpenAI’s GPT-4 Has Passed The Turing Test
    In a post on X, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin said that OpenAI’s GPT-4 has passed the Turing test, citing recent preprint research from the University of California, San Diego, which shows that a production model has finally passed the Turing test. Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin claims that OpenAI’s GPT-4 generative… Read more »
  • Hezbollah Launches First-Ever Lebanese Airstrike On Israeli Base
    In a statement released by Hezbollah, they announced that they had launched their first-ever Lebanese airstrike on an Israeli base and also released videos. On May 17, Hezbollah carried out the first-ever Lebanese attack against an Israeli target, utilizing a drone that had never been seen before. Hezbollah released a… Read more »
  • China Starts Housing Market Bailout
    China has initiated a housing market bailout amid significant economic challenges, including the collapse of major real estate developers, deflationary pressures, and social unrest, prompting increased easing efforts and policy solutions to stabilize the sector. We and many others said that this experiment was doomed and that all China was… Read more »
  • Pictures Of Gaza Pier Constructed With American Taxpayers’ $350 Million
    The US Central Command has announced that it will be providing aid in the form of the Gaza Pier constructed with American taxpayers’ $350 million, and its pictures are now available. The Biden administration and the Pentagon both exude pride. However, the American taxpayer?… US Central Command declared on Friday… Read more »
  • US Power Grid May Become Unreliable This Summer
    According to the NERC assessment, the US power grid may become unreliable this summer due to above-average demand conditions and a decreased electrical supply, which could result from possible low wind or solar energy conditions. You can read the original article here. According to a report by the North American… Read more »

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