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  • Sevi’s first month, our surprise visitor- she came back!Sevi’s first month, our surprise visitor- she came back!
    Happy One-Month-old to my baby boy, Sevi! Time sure flies by so fast when all you’re dealing with is milky boobs, dirty diapers, and a noisy household! He has been the easiest baby (though my point of comparison is only a very fussy baby Scottie). I loooove small little baby… Read more »
  • Dealing with tantrums, first date night, fathers dayDealing with tantrums, first date night, fathers day
    A belated Happy Fathers Day to all the amazing dads out there. Slater has been such a blessing to our family and such a great dad to Scott and Sevi! I feel bad that I don’t have a gift for him this year, but I guess birthing Sevi is somehow… Read more »
  • Adjusting to new momma life of twoAdjusting to new momma life of two
    Mama life is back in full swing with Sevi boo in our lives and it’s a beautiful mess! I keep reminding myself that the days are long but years are short- and that I need to cherish every moment of this happy chaos. To be honest, it’s Scottie boo that’s… Read more »
  • Scottie’s best day ever! 🦖 2nd Birthday PartyScottie’s best day ever! 🦖 2nd Birthday Party
    We threw a party for Scottie’s second birthday with some close family and friends. It was the first time he ever attended a kiddie party that wasn’t just for family, and he was living for it! His favorite part? All the kiddie food carts, toys, and of course- the big… Read more »
  • Yaya Is Leaving Us 😢Yaya Is Leaving Us 😢
    The day has finally come 🙁 Yaya Jera is leaving us (maybe indefinitely) to pursue her studies and career ambitions. It was a bitter-sweet moment for the #skyfam. On one hand, we were so happy for her, because we know she has been waiting and working hard for this day… Read more »
  • Scott’s Birthday, Morning Surprise, Opening GiftsScott’s Birthday, Morning Surprise, Opening Gifts
    And just like that, our firstborn is now two years old. Where has the time gone?? In his 2 years of life, not a day has gone by where I don’t count my lucky stars for our dear Scottie. He has changed my life completely, and I can not imagine… Read more »
  • Baby Sevi’s first photoshoot!Baby Sevi’s first photoshoot!
    Just a mere week from bringing this baby boy to life, he gets to star in his very first photoshoot! When @nonobydyan reached out to capture this special milestone for us once again, we had to say yes! I have to say, Sevi is a lot calmer and chill than… Read more »
  • life with a newborn and a toddler, dealing with mastitis
    It’s been a crazy and sleepless ride so far with baby Sevi who at this time is just a week old, and my hyperactive toddler, Scottie boo, who’s almost 2! In today’s very raw and realistic vlog, I talk about mom roles, dealing with mastitis (ouch!), and how life has… Read more »
  • Baby # 2 Pregnancy Belly Transformation (Week-by-Week update!)Baby # 2 Pregnancy Belly Transformation (Week-by-Week update!)
    Baby number 2 is finally here at 37 weeks- I guess he couldn’t wait to meet you guys! As promised, here’s another week-by-week update and belly transformation just like the last time. Looking at this now and thinking of all the challenges and surprises we had in between these weeks… Read more »
  • Bringing Baby Home, Name Reveal!, Scott meets baby for the 1st timeBringing Baby Home, Name Reveal!, Scott meets baby for the 1st time
    After 3 days away from Scottie, we finally made it back home with our beautiful baby boy in tow! The littlest member of the #skyfam is finally home to meet his ahia Scottie, Skyskybear and the other angels of the Skypod. ♥️ watch full vlog here The post Bringing Baby… Read more »

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