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  • Remarketing Lists for Search Ads: The Tactical Guide to RLSARemarketing Lists for Search Ads: The Tactical Guide to RLSA
    Are your Google Ads feeling lackluster lately? Want to re-engage valuable audiences and boost conversions? Well, I’ve got a great solution for you! Introducing…Remarketing Lists for Search Ads, also known as RLSA. According to research, 71% of digital marketers allocate between 10% and 50% of their online advertising budget to remarketing.… Read more »
  • How to Scale Your Business Online and Do it RightHow to Scale Your Business Online and Do it Right
    Starting an online business is exciting. But growing it can be hard work. You’ve probably been wondering how to scale your business online with so much competition around. Worry no more! This guide will show you how to successfully scale your business online and do it correctly. We’ll discuss: Identifying your… Read more »
  • How are Companies Using AI for Marketing?How are Companies Using AI for Marketing?
    Have you ever wondered how brands serve up eerily precise ads and recommendations just for you? It’s not magic – it’s artificial intelligence (AI) in action. More and more companies are using AI for marketing and advertising in powerful ways. What if you could use customer data to craft personalized… Read more »
  • What Is TikTok Pulse?
    Definition of TikTok Pulse TikTok Pulse is a cutting-edge feature designed to bridge the gap between brands and the wave of engagement that sweeps through TikTok daily. It’s a solution that offers advertisers the coveted opportunity to place their brand ads right alongside the platform’s most engaging and trending content—specifically… Read more »
  • TikTok Creative Challenge (TTCC)
    Definition of TikTok Creative Challenge TikTok Creative Challenge (TTCC) is an innovative platform that empowers creators and brands to collaborate on engaging and impactful video ad campaigns. By leveraging the creativity and reach of TikTok’s massive user base, TTCC provides a unique opportunity for businesses to connect with their target… Read more »
  • What Is Onlyfans?
    Introduction to OnlyFans In a digital era dominated by content creators and influencers, OnlyFans has emerged as a revolutionary content subscription service, rapidly gaining traction since its inception by Tim Stokely in 2016. While the platform initially gained notoriety for its association with sexually explicit content and sex workers, its… Read more »
  • What Is Attribution?
    Defining Mobile Attribution Mobile attribution is the analytical practice of pinpointing which marketing strategies and user touchpoints lead to conversions such as app installs, in-app purchases, or specific app user actions. In mobile marketing, where every click and install is crucial, mobile attribution provides actionable insights. Utilizing sophisticated attribution models… Read more »
  • What Is Retargeting?
    Introduction to Retargeting Retargeting in mobile marketing is a type of digital advertising that targets users who have already interacted with a brand’s mobile app or website. It is a way to stay in front of potential customers and encourage them to come back and complete the desired action, such… Read more »
  • What Is A Conversion?
    Definition of Conversion In the world of marketing, the term “conversion” holds significant weight. Unlike a currency converter or the metric system that changes one unit into another, in marketing, conversion refers to the process where a visitor, having interacted with a brand’s content or advertisements, takes a desired action.… Read more »
  • What Is lifetime Value?
    The Definition of Lifetime Value (CLV) Lifetime Value (LTV) in mobile apps is a critical metric that estimates the total revenue a single user generates throughout their engagement with an app. It encapsulates various factors, including the average purchase value, frequency of transactions, and retention rates, crafting a picture of… Read more »

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