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  • Cute small dogs as family petsCute small dogs as family pets
    If you are looking to adopt a dog as a family pet read on. Many petowners with children prefer to start with child friendly, cute small dogs as their first family pets. Here are the 8 cutest dogs we love for you to consider. 8 Cute small dogs your kids… Read more »
  • Bathroom renovation cost estimatesBathroom renovation cost estimates
    Bathrooms need to be renovated on a periodic basis to maintain health and cleanliness standards. As a homeowner you may also want to update the look and feel by adding a new décor. But how do you think about bathroom renovation cost estimates when you are not sure how to… Read more »
  • Train your dog – Choose the right foodTrain your dog – Choose the right food
    When you bring a new dog or puppy home you as the petowner know it’s a big responsibility. And every aspect matters, especially in these early stages.  Choosing the right food can actually help to train your dog. Here’s how. How to choose the right food to help you train… Read more »
  • Add value to property in these amazing waysAdd value to property in these amazing ways
    As a homeowner who values their property you will doubtless be interested in how to add value to property. In this article we have outlined a number of ways to help you improve the value of your home, based on expert advice. Amazing ways to add value to property When… Read more »
  • Keeping pets in Dubai – All you need to knowKeeping pets in Dubai – All you need to know
    Dubai is a wonderful destination for holidays and work. For many people who live and work in the city keeping pets in Dubai can be important for their family and lifestyle. But whether you are a homeowner or a housesitter, what do you need to know to look after pets… Read more »
  • Revamp a bathroom to look brand newRevamp a bathroom to look brand new
    Do you look at each room in your home from time to time and wish you could have them redone? Move the style magazines in and let the style magazines have their way. Actually as a homeowner you could do it. In this blog we show you how to revamp… Read more »
  • Minimalist home décor – Dos and don’tsMinimalist home décor – Dos and don’ts
    From time to time every homeowner decides to have a clear out of clutter. Decluttering can be addictive and soon you find yourself attacking the whole house to make space. Some of us find it really appealing to aim for the minimalist home décor look. Here are some do’s and… Read more »
  • Protect your home from wildlifeProtect your home from wildlife
    Today whether you live in the town or the country you may find wildlife in your garden. Sometimes the wildlife becomes braver and even enters the home. If you’re a homeowner who needs to protect your home from wildlife, read on. In some countries raccoons in particular are a menace.… Read more »
  • Decorate a bedroom cabin styleDecorate a bedroom cabin style
    If you are one of those homeowners who is always looking for a new décor style at home, read on. One of the more on trend ways of refreshing a bedroom is to decorate your bedroom cabin style. With this look you can combine a fresh and cosy look with… Read more »
  • How housesitting helped me move countryHow housesitting helped me move country
    “I sleep around. Usually with animals,” Kelly Hayes-Raitt jokes in the opening of her book How to Become a Housesitter: Insider Tips from the HouseSit Diva. From housesits in countries Hayes-Raitt has never heard of to sitting in her hometown, “I’ve been travelling and housesitting full-time for 12 years straight –… Read more »

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