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  • The Best Technique To Tackle Naturally Curly Hair
    For some, having naturally curly hair is a blessing, others wish they, could have hair like it, and some spend hours trying to straighten and style it. You’re certainly not alone if you want to tackle your naturally curly hair. It’s estimated that 65% of Australians have natural curls. The… Read more »
  • The Top Dating Mobile Apps
    You have to admit it is single can be tedious. Everyone wants to find their Mr. and Mrs. Right, but then dating can be a long process. However, with the digital world, everything is changing because dating is brought closer to your door. Nowadays there is an app for everything… Read more »
  • The Art of Layering: Lessons Learned from Street Style
    Layering your clothes can really help to bring an outfit to life and make it far more interesting and versatile. However, layering is a look that can take a bit of trial-and-error and effective planning if it is to be well executed. Once you have assembled the ideal staple wardrobe… Read more »
  • 5 Budget-Friendly Sports For Summer
    Summer calls for a day out on the beach, merry picnics, barbecue nights, and, most importantly, summer sports. Not only can sports offer great entertainment, but they can also help you stay fit. Nonetheless, there are several budget-friendly summer sports out there that you can participate in. The post 5… Read more »
  • The Clothes Make the Man and Woman
    You finally got the job at the big financial firm. Congratulations! You are going to help people understand how to hedge against inflation and teach them ways to handle their money. But you will need more than just understanding finances. You need to look the professional part. The post The… Read more »
  • Fun Themed Summer Party Ideas
    Want an occasion to remember? Make the most of this summer with any one of these inspirational party ideas. There are some great themed party ideas that range from casino glamour to boho chic. The post Fun Themed Summer Party Ideas appeared first on Fashion Allure. Read more »
  • How Modernise Your Wardrobe
    Bored of the same old, same old? Feel like you’re stuck in a style rut? We feel you! Once you’re in your comfort zone, sometimes you just alternate between the same 3 or 4 outfits and after a while, it gets a little bittedious. We may not have huge budgets… Read more »
  • Personal Branding: Is It Possible To Change Yours?
    When it comes to personal branding, this is all about investing into your own image. In both the workplace and your personal life, it's understood that this can make a monumental difference. However, are you born with a brand that cannot change, or is there scope to change it? As… Read more »
  • Diamond: The Birthstone for April
    The diamond is the traditional astrological birthstone for people born in April. It is the most brilliant, sought-after, and most expensive gemstone among the birthstones. It symbolizes love, courage, good health, and good fortune too. The post Diamond: The Birthstone for April appeared first on Fashion Allure. Read more »
  • Shoe Trends Straight From The Spring Summer 2022 Runways
    If you happen to be looking to step up your wardrobe, shoes are the perfect territory to tread into first, and the spring / summer 2022 shoe trends offer diverse designs for this. Looking for some hot shoes? With this spring shoe trend guide you will always look fine, chic,… Read more »

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