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  • Best Ball Strategies to Win
    Dan Clasgens and James Adams kick off Season 4 of the Fantistics Insider Football Podcast by digging into some best ball strategies and some early ADP across various best ball providers in the wake of... Read more »
  • Characters In Your Fantasy League
    Back in 2003 when I first launched one of the staff’s early writers, Tom Pellegrino, came up with the concept of this feature article. Every fantasy football league in America has a least a... Read more »
  • Fantasy 101: Auction vs. Draft
    Nearly all of the fantasy leagues out there are still using a snake-draft format to select their teams, but amazingly and estimated 90 percent of leagues that experiment with an auction-style format never go back. In... Read more »
  • My Must-See Sports Movies
    Two of my favorite things are sports and movies. I love both so much. The best things is when you mix them together! Sports movies, and there have have definitely been some classics. Here’s a... Read more »
  • Signup Now: 2024 #DoGoodFantasy Best Balls
    With the help of fellow fantasy owners since the 2019 season we’ve raised over $30,000 through our #DoGoodFantasy efforts to date to support DAV (Disabled American Veterans), who helps over 1 million veterans and their... Read more »
  • Favorite Foods from the 80’s
    Growing up in the 1980’s was a much different experience than today’s millennials face. Reflecting back on some of the things from that decade will make you laugh. Still, for me there were so many... Read more »
  • Kentucky Derby 150: My Picks
    The first Saturday of May has arrived and that means it’s Kentucky Derby Day. It should be a very exciting two minutes of action as 20 horses take to the track for the 150th Run... Read more »
  • Kentucky Derby Is A Must
    The Kentucky Derby is a “bucket list” item that everybody should experience at least once during their life. Here are five reasons why you should make the big trip to Churchill Downs on the first... Read more »
  • KY Derby Party Tips
    Are you having a Derby party? Here are some essentials you need to made aware of and some tips on how to make the event the most enjoyable for your guests. Although I highly recommend going... Read more »
  • NFL Draft: Biggest Busts Ever
    There have been some monumental disappointments to come out of the first round of the NFL Draft in recent years. We take a look at our list at some of the biggest draft busts of... Read more »

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