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  • Episode 35: NFC North Fantasy Preview
    Dan Clasgens and James Adams continue their 2022 fantasy previews by looking at the four teams inside the NFC North in Episode 35 of the Fantistics Insider Football Podcast. Listen for in-depth looks at the... Read more »
  • Episode 34: AFC West Fantasy Preview
    In Episode 34 of the Fantistics Insider Football Podcast Dan Clasgens and James Adams kick off their 2022 divisional previews by taking a deep dive into one this season’s more interesting divisions from a fantasy... Read more »
  • Episode 33: New Faces, New Places
    Dan Clasgens and James Adams are running through all the new landing spots for NFL veterans as we approach the 2022 fantasy football season in the latest episode of the Fantistics Insider Football Podcast (recorded... Read more »
  • Characters In Your Fantasy League
    Back in 2003 when I first launched one of the staff’s early writers, Tom Pellegrino, came up with the concept of this feature article. Every fantasy football in America has a least a few... Read more »
  • Favorite Foods from the 80’s
    Growing up in the 1980’s was a much different experience than today’s millennials face. Reflecting back on some of the things from that decade will make you laugh. Still, for me there were so many... Read more »
  • Fantasy 101: Starting A New League
    It’s officially the fantasy football offseason, if there is such a thing. This time of the year mostly only the diehards are thinking about fantasy football. But it is the perfect time of the year... Read more »
  • Episode 32: Digging into Dynasty
    In Episode 32 of the Fantistics Insider Football Podcast Dan Clasgens and James Adams look at some strategies to win in dynasty football, throw out some tips for starting up a dynasty football league of... Read more »
  • Episode 31: Winning Best Ball StrategiesEpisode 31: Winning Best Ball Strategies
    We are in the heart of best ball season and in Episode 31 of the Fantistics Insider Football Podcast Dan Clasgens and James Adams update some trends from some of their latest drafts, examine the... Read more »
  • Episode 30: NFL Schedule Deep Dive
    The 2022 schedule is out and in Episode 30 of the Fantistics Insider Football Podcast James Adams and I look at some of the key fantasy highlights and talk bye week strategies. Plus, we take... Read more »
  • How to Read NFL Odds: 5 Things Every Beginner Should Know
    The NFL is notoriously unpredictable, and there is no way to tell who will win a game. After all, gambling is primarily based on chance and luck. For a beginner, getting into the NFL might... Read more »

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