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  • What is CBD? | Health Benefits, Side-effects & Products
    We are here to answer the question: What is CBD? CBD is an acronym for cannabidiol, a compound discovered in 1940. Cannabidiol is a chemical extracted from Hemp and Cannabis sativa plants. Cannabidiol was once just a holistic health trend, but it has gained traction over the years. Cannabidiol products… Read more »
  • How Long Does Weed Stay in the System? | Urine, Blood & More
    How long does it take for weed to leave your system? The main reason people ask this question is random drug tests, especially for those in the corporate world. Marijuana screening is a common practice in the workspace. Welcome to adulthood. If you’re already here, you know the drill. As… Read more »
  • CBD Oil Cost in South Africa | What Influences CBD Oil Prices
    Cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD, has gained quite a bit of traction in the South African market over the years. The spike in interest has made way for a lot of research on how cannabis oil can be effective as a natural and holistic alternative to pharmaceutical products. CBD is… Read more »
  • How To Take CBD Oil in South Africa | Dosage, Uses & Benefits
    We can’t deny the growing popularity and fascination behind cannabidiol, better known as CBD. People are itching to find out what CBD is, how it works, what benefits it offers you, and the most crucial question, how safe it is. CBD is just one of the two main compounds found… Read more »
  • Feminized Cannabis Seeds South Africa Cannatonic CBD Feminized 599.00 More Info Critical CBD Feminized 599.00 More Info Super Skunk Feminized Seeds Single 139.00 More Info AK-48 Feminized (pack of 5) 599.00 More Info Why should you buy feminized seeds in South Africa? Feminized seeds are a convenient and reliable way to… Read more »
  • Types of Dagga in South Africa | 5 Popular Strains Blue Cheese Autoflower (pack of 5) 599.00 More Info Super Skunk Feminized Cannabis Seeds (single) 139.00 More Info Northern Lights Feminized (pack of 5) 599.00 More Info Growing cannabis is almost as South African as braaing or the word ‘lekker’. What are the types of dagga in… Read more »
  • 50 Benefits of Dagga – How Weed Can Be Good For You
    With weed acceptance increasing globally, we’re edging closer and closer to the days when dagga may be classified as an over-the-counter drug. This is due to ongoing research and centuries of use proving it can ease various health issues. The proof is in the growing popularity of “medical cannabis”. Some… Read more »
  • Cibdol Reviews: A Buyer’s Guide to CBD Oil
    Cibdol is one of the leading names for CBD oils in South Africa. Do you have some nasty aches or pains that simply won’t go away, or perhaps you’re suffering from insomnia? You should then take a look at the Cibdol CBD product range. If you’re sceptical about anything even… Read more »
  • The Best CBD Oil for Kids in South Africa
    CBD kids products are a thing. You might not think that they go hand in hand, but CBD oil is known to have a broad range of benefits. We know these work well for adults, so the next question is obviously, can those benefits help children? With the law being… Read more »
  • CBD Oil South Africa | Prices & Products
    We are now in a time where we have more and more access to alternative products and supplements that can give us a daily boost. As well as helping us keep our mind and body balanced in this currently turbulent world we live in.   CBD oil is a great… Read more »

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