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  • Which dog breeds have the most health problems?
    Though all dog breeds can suffer from health problems, some breeds are more susceptible than others. For example, the Burmese Mountain Dog is prone to a number of health issues, including mitral valve disease, syringomyelia, and epilepsy. The Bulldog is also at risk for several health problems, such as hip… Read more »
  • Leaving Dogs in a Car: Is it Too Hot or Cold?
    Most dogs love riding in a car; feeling the breeze on their fur and new smells makes them want to indulge in car rides as much as possible. However, pet travel on indefinite car rides would mean a substantial amount of time; the dog will be left in the car… Read more »
  • Considerations Before Getting a Puppy: What “They” Don’t Tell You
    Before getting a furry friend, there are several important considerations to make. You will need to equip your home and lifestyle for this new stage in your life. Research is vital when it comes to what breed will suit you best, as well as whether you should get a young… Read more »
  • Lilac Merle 101 – All About These Rare Dogs
    Lilac merle is a unique coloration in dogs, and one of the most popular rare colors today. Here’s what you need to know about lilac merle to help you decide whether this is the right color and pattern combination for your next dog.   What is Lilac Merle? The term… Read more »
  • Pet Dander And Its Impact To Your Indoor Air Quality
    Who doesn’t love and enjoy the company of cats and dogs? They entertain people with their funny antics and play endlessly. Not to mention how cute and caring they are, providing emotional support during depressive moments. But on the not-so-fun side, these cute furry creatures can negatively impact your home’s… Read more »
  • Moving to a New City? How to Find the Best Vet for Your Dog
    Moving is stressful enough, but add to it an adjustment period for a new pet and you’ve got the potential for a stressful few weeks on your hands. This is especially true if you’re moving to an entirely new city. Not only do you have to learn the ins and… Read more »
  • Ways To Make Your Dog Comfortable Alone In Your Home
    Many dogs have become used to having their owners around 24/7 during the lockdown. Now that more people are going back to the office instead of working from home, their furry friends suddenly find themselves home alone. That’s a real culture shock for many dogs. So, how do you make… Read more »
  • Can Dogs Eat Pineapple?
    Do you like piña coladas? If you do, then you’re probably familiar with the tangy taste of pineapples (and perhaps even enjoy the sensation of getting caught in the rain!) Let’s face it – pineapple is the perfect image for a hot summer’s day, and while you may be busy… Read more »
  • Does Pet Insurance Cover Parvo?
    No one ever plans on their dog getting sick, but the fact is that dogs can and do get sick, sometimes very seriously. One of the most serious illnesses a dog can get is parvo, a virus that can affect dogs of all ages.   If your dog contracts parvo,… Read more »
  • Important Supplies to Get For Your New Puppy
    Congratulations on deciding to get a new puppy! What an exciting time in your life. Whether you’re adopting a puppy from a shelter or you’ve found the ideal breed in californiapuppiesforsale, there are some supplies you’ll need to have on hand when your puppy arrives home. Take the time to… Read more »

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