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  • A Sustainable Guide to Ventotene Island
    Have you ever heard of Ventotene island in Italy? This tiny island offers lots of sustainable activities and things to do – let’s discover more in this guide! Imagine a tiny island 25 miles off the coast of Italy, looking like a raft in the middle of the Tyrrhenian sea.… Read more »
  • Italy in December – Where to Go + Weather
    Have you ever considered Italy for a winter break? Italy in December is perfect for a ski break or for a visit to Christmas Markets! While it may not have the summertime vibes that people usually look for, Italy during winter is also worth visiting. Along with beautiful sites come… Read more »
  • 14 Unusual Things to do in Guanajuato
    Have you ever considered visiting the colourful city of Guanajuato? This colourful colonial city rarely features in Mexico itineraries, but it’s full of interesting and unusual attractions. Here are our 14 favourite unusual things to do in Guanajuato! Driving into Guanajuato is a surreal experience. The city seemingly appears out… Read more »
  • Learn About Indigenous Culture in 3 Northern Territory Destinations
    Are you planning to travel to Australia to learn more about Indigenous culture? The Northern Territory is the place for you. Find out about 3 places in the NT where you can explore locations that have a deep meaning for Indigenous Australians. There are few places in Australia as magical… Read more »
  • 1 Week Sustainable Bajio Mexico Itinerary
    Have you ever considered the Bajio as a destination for your next Mexico trip? Here we’ll tell you why you should, and we’ll share our 1-week sustainable Bajio Mexico itinerary! Ok, you’ve decided on Mexico for your next trip. Trouble is, it’s a big country – so, where should you… Read more »
  • Northern Italy Road Trip – 1 Week Itinerary
    Planning a visit to Italy? A Northern Italy road trip is an incredible way to experience a wide range of beautiful and world-famous cities in a very short space of time. Among the Northern cities are Turin, Milan, Verona, Venice and Como, all within a 400 km straight line. Are… Read more »
  • Egypt Visa on Arrival vs eVisa | 2022
    Are you finding our new visa series useful? After telling you about Brazilian eVisas and Thailand tourist visas, here’s an article for those who wish to visit the land of the Pyramids – should you opt for an Egypt visa on arrival, or an eVisa? First things first – Egypt… Read more »
  • 12 Best Day Trips from Tbilisi
    Tbilisi is amazing – but the rest of Georgia isn’t too bad either! Even if you just have a short time in the country, there are lots of cool destinations within day-trip distance from the city. Let’s have a look at the 10 best day trips from Tbilisi, even in… Read more »
  • Where to Stay in Cairo in 2022
    Finding out where to stay in Cairo can be a daunting task – that’s why we’ve put this post together for you. The best and safest areas in Cairo, and all the best hotels in each of them! Planning to visit to the Egyptian capital? Well, besides trying to decide… Read more »
  • 21 Unique Things to do in Cairo in 3 Days
    Here we share for you 21 things to do in Cairo in 3 days, based on what we did during our recent trip to the Egyptian capital, including some considerations on safety in Cairo. If you are planning to visit Egypt, keep reading, and don’t forget to check our post… Read more »

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