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  • 15 Fun Things to do in Ferrara
    Have you ever considered visiting Ferrara, a city in the eastern part of Emilia-Romagna, not far from the Po River? After reading these 15 fun things to do in Ferrara, Italy, and learning about all the Renaissance art and architecture, you’ll add it to your list! Would you like to… Read more »
  • What to Do in Lake Como When it Rains
    Are you in Lake Como (or planning to visit) but the weather is not cooperating? We’ve got you! Here’s what to do in Lake Como when it rains – including Bellagio and Varenna! No time to read? Book your perfect activity to enjoy Lake Como when it rains here! We… Read more »
  • 8 Clever Ways to Get Vatican Museums Tickets
    Heading to Rome? The Vatican Museums will be on your list for sure! Trouble is, getting tickets might be a hassle, if you don’t know how to arrange them in advance. Here we’ll share 8 clever ways to get Vatican Museums tickets, helping you enjoy your visit fully! ***UPDATED 2024***… Read more »
  • 13 Best Towns to Visit in Lake Como
    Are you planning to head to the Lakes? Then I’m sure you’ll be wondering what are the best towns to visit in Lake Como. Check our guide to the best Lake Como towns to visit, live, eat, and go shopping! No time to read? Book your perfect tour around Lake… Read more »
  • How to Get Tower of London Tickets (and Skip the Lines)
    What’s the #1 unmissable attraction in London? It’s hard to choose just one, but if you ask me, the Tower of London is definitely up there! This post will guide you on the best ways to get Tower of London tickets, including how to skip the lines! No time to… Read more »
  • 9 Amazing Lake Como Villas – How to Visit
    More over, George! In this article you can read all about how to visit the 9 best Lake Como villas – all the ones that are open to the public. Would you like to visit the best villas in Lake Como? Check out these amazing tours and don’t forget to… Read more »
  • 12 Things to Know Before Climbing Kilimanjaro
    Have you ever considered climbing Kilimanjaro? It’s the easiest of the Seven Summits to climb, and a true adventure of a lifetime.  It’s been a while since we wrote a mountain-related article. After our guide to climbing Mount Tai in China, and our articles about Torri del Vajolet and the… Read more »
  • 15 Fun Day Trips from Milan 2024
    One of the best things about my hometown Milan is that it’s a great base to explore more of Northern Italy and even Switzerland! Find out how on these fun day trips from Milan – and if you’re planning to hit the Lakes, check out our perfect day trip to… Read more »
  • The Perfect 1 Week Bothnian Coastal Route Itinerary
    Are you also a lover of the Great North? Then, you should consider this fun 1-week Bothnian Coastal Route itinerary, through northern Finland and Sweden! When I was younger, in my parents’ dining room there was a poster of a 16th-century map of Northern Europe. The North Sea was full… Read more »
  • 8 Reasons to Visit Arctic Lakeland in Finland
    Have you ever heard of the Arctic Lakeland in Finland, and why it’s so special? Here we’ll tell you all about it and give you 8 reasons to visit, in summer and in winter! We’ve just recently returned from our 10th trip to Finland (5th time in winter!) and with… Read more »

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