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  • Hotels with Epic Views in Cape TownHotels with Epic Views in Cape Town
    The post Hotels with Epic Views in Cape Town appeared first on THE CAPITAL Hotels, Apartments & Resorts. Read more »
  • Benefits of Choosing a Fully Furnished Apartment in South AfricaBenefits of Choosing a Fully Furnished Apartment in South Africa
    Key Takeaways   Ready from Day One Choosing a furnished apartment allows you to enter a home that’s already complete – with everything from sofas to coffee machines. This option is a boon for those who’d rather not spend their weekends hunting for household items or dealing with service installations.… Read more »
  • Menlyn Maine Hotels for Business TravelersMenlyn Maine Hotels for Business Travelers
    Key Takeaways   Optimal Location for Business Connectivity in Menlyn Maine Situated strategically within the commercial hub, Menlyn Maine hotels offer immediate access to corporate offices and public transport. This proximity allows business travellers to maximise their efficiency by reducing travel times.   Menlyn Maine Designed for Long-Term Comfort These… Read more »
  • The Best Things to Do This Winter in Cape TownThe Best Things to Do This Winter in Cape Town
    As winter draws near, Cape Town blossoms into a haven of cosy charms and breathtaking views. Known lovingly as the “Mother City”, it retains its vibrant energy through the colder months. Whether you’re a local hunting for new experiences or an adventurer ready to embrace the winter, Cape Town is… Read more »
  • Hosting a Conference in JohannesburgHosting a Conference in Johannesburg
    Venturing into Johannesburg to host a conference presents many opportunities for growth and unforgettable experiences. Joburg’s dynamic culture and economic vibrancy are a treasure trove for event organisers and attendees alike.   Main Highlights   5 Prime Benefits of Choosing Johannesburg Top 5 Venues for Conferences in Joburg Premier Accommodations… Read more »
  • Organising a Conference in DurbanOrganising a Conference in Durban
    Thinking of hosting a conference that hits all the right notes? Look no further than Durban, a city that not only charms with its vibrant spirit and scenic shores but also serves as a powerhouse for pulling off a top-tier gathering.   Main Highlights   Ideal Conference Venues in Durban… Read more »
  • Best Easter Weekend Getaways in South AfricaBest Easter Weekend Getaways in South Africa
    Easter is a perfect time to escape the routine and indulge in a refreshing getaway. South Africa, with its diverse landscapes and vibrant cities, offers many options for an unforgettable Easter weekend.  Whether you’re looking for the urban charm of Johannesburg, the coastal beauty of Cape Town, the laid-back atmosphere… Read more »
  • Best Things To Do over the Easter Weekend in JohannesburgBest Things To Do over the Easter Weekend in Johannesburg
    As the Easter weekend approaches, Johannesburg emerges as a vibrant destination brimming with exciting activities and experiences for locals and visitors alike. Whether you’re seeking cultural events, outdoor adventures, or luxurious getaways, this bustling South African city has something for everyone.    List of Things to Do over the Easter… Read more »
  • Best Things to Do During Easter in PretoriaBest Things to Do During Easter in Pretoria
    Easter in Pretoria is a time of celebration, reflection, and joy. The capital city of South Africa offers a large number of activities for locals and visitors alike during this festive season. From religious observances to family-friendly events, Pretoria has something for everyone.  In this article, we will explore the… Read more »
  • Ensuring Pristine Waters at The Capital Pearls and Zimbali ResortEnsuring Pristine Waters at The Capital Pearls and Zimbali Resort
    In the vibrant heart of KwaZulu-Natal (KZN), a region known for its lush landscapes, the challenge of water scarcity has emerged as a pressing concern, impacting both communities and businesses. Amid these hurdles, The Capital Pearls and The Capital Zimbali Resort shine as beacons of water management excellence. Their commitment… Read more »

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