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  • Choosing the Right Website Monitoring Tool
    Since the world never sleeps, your website shouldn’t, too. Maintaining a working e-commerce store or news website means that it has to remain available at all times. In addition to that, how do you ensure that your website is constantly performing according to specifications?  Criteria to Look Out for When… Read more »
  • How Smartphones Are Changing The Gaming Industry
    For many years, mobile phones have become an important part of the routine life of the average person. The smartphone has replaced many devices like PCs and laptops, because of this, the trend of playing games on smartphones is also increasing. Users mostly play games on their smartphones rather than… Read more »
  • Best games you can run on a low-performance PC
    The world of PC gaming is bigger than on any other platform. Computers have a bigger, vaster gaming environment than Nintendo, Playstation, and Xbox have combined, and this is all due to the massive cult following the platform has, as well as the ability for certain beefy gaming computers to… Read more »
  • The Best Slot Games To Play Right Now
    Slots are, perhaps, the most simple game there is, but that doesn’t make them boring. When you play slots, you’ll be enthralled by the endless possibilities; there are so many different outcomes and combinations that pulling the lever, whether you’re doing it virtually or physically, never gets boring. That’s probably… Read more »
  • The Best Card Games To Play Right Now
    If you have a deck of cards in your possession, then you have the opportunity to play hundreds upon hundreds of different games. From blackjack (in both of its variants) to poker, rummy, and crazy eights, there are essentially endless permutations of different card combinations and game types, so in… Read more »
  • Minecraft & 90s kids: The Nostalgia
    Times have changed so much from “Hey! Want to join us for some outdoor games?” to “Hey! Want to play Minecraft together?” Minecraft is a game that was released in 2011 and actually became every 90s kid’s favourite game.  The amount of love and fame this game has received is… Read more »
  • The Best Game Announcements Of “E3 2022”
    Back in March, the ESA announced that E3 2022 wouldn’t be going ahead in any form. The association had previously revealed that this year’s event would be digital-only, but eventually, it was decided that there would be no E3 at all. That hasn’t stopped developers and publishers holding their own… Read more »
  • The Whist Card Game – The British Classic
    What is whist? Well first of all it’s largely forgotten, even in its native Britain. It is an English card game that is similar to bridge, but the whist rules are a bit simpler. Like it’s bigger and now far more popular brother Bridge, it is usually designed for four… Read more »
  • Gambling Anime – Japanese Cartoons About the Pursuit of Winnings!
    “It’s always the darkest under the lighthouse,” says a Japanese proverb very aptly. The purpose of this text is to advance to the top of the lighthouse and illuminate with a top 5 how the Japanese culture is dedicated to gambling in the form of “anime” and is influenced by… Read more »
  • The Best Games On Linux In 2022
    When you think about PC gaming, your mind doesn’t immediately jump to Linux. Though the Linux ecosystem has been beloved by PC enthusiasts since its launch back in 1991, it hasn’t quite crossed over into mainstream acceptance, despite a number of user-friendly graphical Linux interfaces springing up over the years.… Read more »
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