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  • A Review of Akwaeke Emezi’s Content Warning: Everything
    What does it mean to freely offer your trauma to the world? To belong so consciously to yourself, that nothing else can hold you in its power? In their debut poetry collection Content Warning: Everything, Akwaeke Emezi chooses themself in every poem. They unfold their deepest pain through divine acceptance… Read more »
  • Writing in an Era of Unknowability—A Conversation with Holly Goddard Jones
    In Holly Goddard Jones’s new story collection, Antipodes, one of the South’s most vital short story writers turns toward fabulism to grapple with the strangeness of contemporary experience—from living through a global pandemic to facing new motherhood against the backdrop of climate despair to the alienation of digital technologies and… Read more »
  • In Praise of These Worthless Objects
    The box is roughly a quarter the size of a shoebox. It’s well constructed of thick cardboard; inside are roughly 20 motley objects. Not often, perhaps once every year or two, I take the articles out of the box, and maybe half as often I add something. There’s a roll… Read more »
  • Language and its Legacies: Recalling the Chimaera at Amos Eno Gallery
    Language is a funny thing, an abstract collection of arbitrary signs. Physical embodiments of communication—diaries, illuminated manuscripts, text strings stored to the cloud—define and structure the variegated ways in which we pass down language. This is how things come to mean what we take them to mean.  In Recalling the… Read more »
  • A Conversation with Elaine Hsieh Chou
    Elaine Hsieh Chou is a Taiwanese American writer from California. A 2017 Rona Jaffe Graduate Fellow at NYU and a 2021 NYFA/NYSCA Fellow, her short fiction appears in Black Warrior Review, Guernica, Tin House Online, The Adroit Journal and Ploughshares. Her debut novel DISORIENTATION is out now from Penguin Press.… Read more »
  • A Review of Joanne Durham’s To Drink from a Wider Bowl
    Joanne Durham’s To Drink from a Wider Bowl, winner of the 2021 Sinclair Poetry Prize from Evening Street Press, is a sixty-eight-page collection of forty-eight poems separated into seven sections, each of which defines the contours of Durham’s life. These are easy-to-read, unintimidating poems, heartfelt and sincere, from the mind… Read more »
  • In Praise of Wild Abundance
    This morning I laid a white sheet below an agarita shrub and shook the berries off with a broom to avoid the sharp holly-like leaves. An assortment of spiders and beetles accompanied the berries in falling. Afterward, I left the sheet out on the patio so the bugs could crawl… Read more »
  • Seeking Fortune Elsewhere: A Conversation with Sindya Bhanoo
    Sindya Bhanoo is the author of the story collection Seeking Fortune Elsewhere (Catapult). Her fiction has appeared in Granta, New England Review, Glimmer Train, and elsewhere. She is the recipient of an O. Henry Award, the Disquiet Literary Prize, an Elizabeth George Foundation grant, and scholarships from the Bread Loaf… Read more »
  • A Review of Kathryn Davis’s Aurelia, Aurélia
    If you were to sit down to write a memoir, your first formal departure from a fiction writing career that has been your creative identity for decades, you probably wouldn’t begin your first chapter with a rambling exploration of your childhood fancies and your failed first marriage, before waxing poetic… Read more »
  • A Conversation with James Hoch
    James Hoch’s previous books are Miscreants (Norton) and A Parade of Hands (Silverfish Review Press). Last Pawn Shop in New Jersey from LSU and Radio Static from Green Linden Press were both published in Spring 2022. His poems have appeared in POETRY, The New Republic, Washington Post, Slate, Chronicle Review… Read more »

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