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  • Announcing the Adroit Journal’s 2024 Djanikian & Veasna So Scholars!
    The Adroit Journal is proud to announce the seventh class of Gregory Djanikian Scholars in Poetry and the second class of Anthony Veasna So Scholars in Fiction—twelve exciting emerging poets and fiction writers we should all be watching. All emerging poets and fiction writers who have not published full-length collections… Read more »
  • A Conversation with Rachel Edelman
    Rachel Edelman is a Jewish poet raised in Memphis, Tennessee whose writing explores diasporic living. Their debut collection of poems, Dear Memphis, was published in January 2024 and is now available from River River Books. Rachel’s poems have appeared in Narrative, The Seventh Wave, The Threepenny Review, West Branch, and… Read more »
  • A Conversation with J. Mae Barizo
    Born in Toronto, J. Mae Barizo is a poet and multidisciplinary artist who works at the intersection of poetics, performance and decoloniality. She is the author of two books of poetry, Tender Machines (Tupelo Press, 2023) and The Cumulus Effect (Four Way Books, 2015). She is a 2024 resident artist at Baryshnikov Arts Centre and an… Read more »
  • Blue on a Blue Palette: Putting It Together
    The great poet, Lucille Clifton, once said (and, of course, I’m paraphrasing) that when she thought she had a sufficient number of poems to complete a collection, she spread the poems across her floor and let them “speak with each other” and thus, her collection would be formed. I’ve always… Read more »
  • A Conversation between Shanta Lee and Diana Whitney
    Shanta Lee is an award-winning artist who works in different mediums as a photographer, writer across genres, and public intellectual. She is the author of a few poetry collections including the forthcoming chapbook, This Is How They Teach You How to Want It…The Slaughter (Harbor Editions, 2024). Learn more:  … Read more »
  • A Conversation with Luke Johnson
    Luke Johnson was born and raised in Cayucos, Calif., and later graduated from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo with a degree in history. He received his MFA in Creative Writing from Sierra Nevada College. When he isn’t vacuuming or chasing kids, he spends his time writing. He lives… Read more »
  • A Conversation with Jenny Sadre-Orafai
    Jenny Sadre-Orafai is the author of four poetry collections. A new edition of Malak, her second poetry collection, will be published by the University of Akron Press in 2024. Her prose has appeared in The Rumpus, Fourteen Hills, The Los Angeles Review, The Collagist, and others. She co-founded and co-edits… Read more »
  • Prologue to The Bomb Cloud
    The first time I have seen a torii gate—the tree trunk poles, the slightly concave roof—was at the Botanic Garden in the unceded homeland of the Lenape people. In the garden that quiet, humid morning, I listened for the hum of traffic that usually carries its quick and cacophonous voice… Read more »
  • A Conversation with Monica Ferrell
    Monica Ferrell’s latest poetry collection, You Darling Thing (2018, Four Way Books), was a finalist for the Kingsley Tufts Award and for The Believer Book Award. Cathy Park Hong says of this collection, “each poem is as precise and deadly as a pearl-handled pistol, as (Ferrell) takes fantasies imposed on… Read more »
  • A Review of Saskia Hamilton’s All Souls
    All Souls, Saskia Hamilton’s fourth collection of poetry, begins with light, barely: “Light before you call it light graying the sky,” she writes. From this liminal, nearly pre-language moment of transition, of recurrent beginning, the poem moves to “doves on window / ledges” who “call and answer” and an investigation… Read more »

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