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  • LIV and Let Die the PGA Tour
    In the 1970s, a rivalry league existed. I take that back.  This league not only existed; it thrived. I am, of course, talking about the ABA.  The American Basketball Association is no longer in existence but when it was, it Continue reading → Read more »
  • Celtics no answer for Steph Curry’s greatness
    “This one hits a little different.” -Steph Curry, Golden State Warriors, four-time NBA Champion With minutes left to play in Game Six of the NBA Finals, on the infamous parquet floor some 3000 miles from where he plays his home Continue reading → Read more »
  • History in the making
    “We are so spoiled,” she said to me from across the bar, cold pint in front of her, husband to her side.  This woman has been a friend of mine for years. Having been raised a Sabres fan (and her Continue reading → Read more »
  • LeBillionaire
    The internet was set ablaze today with news that LeBron James had officially become… a billionaire.  This, of course, came as shocking news to no one.  With his multitude of endorsement deals, real estate investments, teams played for and teams Continue reading → Read more »
  • Jimmy Butler solidifies “superstar” status, gives internet one less thing to argue about
    I read some comments on Twitter the other day that got me thinking about two things. One is that I need to stay off the internet.  The drivel that’s eroding cyberspace these days is mind-numbing.  The second thing I thought Continue reading → Read more »
  • A War of the Words: The week Nick Saban and Patrick Beverley had nothing nice to say
    Falling squarely in the category of “If You Have Nothing Nice to Say, Go Ahead and Let It Fly,” we have Alabama head coach Nick Saban and Los Angeles Clippers shooting guard Patrick Beverly coming in tied for first.  With Continue reading → Read more »
  • Ime who?
    During a mid-game interview, smack dab in the middle of the third quarter of a Game Seven, with his team on the verge of ousting the Milwaukee Bucks, first year Celtics coach Ime Udoka took not-so-subtle jab at the defending Continue reading → Read more »
  • Book Review: Stolen Dreams by Chris Lamb
    Some stories need to be told lest they be forgotten with time. Such is the story of a group of South Carolina Little Leaguers who, in the mid-1950s, wanted nothing more than to play baseball, yet were denied that opportunity. Continue reading → Read more »
  • Old-Fashioneds, Refs and Old-Fashioned Refs
    I’m a bartender at a whiskey bar, an Irish pub, Ybor City’s finest. Accordingly, there’s rarely a shift that goes by without me concocting an old-fashioned for a wanting customer.  We even have a variety of specialty old-fashioneds on the Continue reading → Read more »
  • SportsChump and the Full Court Pest debate the 2021-22 Lakers and where things went so horribly wrong
    Welcome to the umpteenth article, interview and soundbite you’ll encounter discussing the disaster that was the 2021-22 Los Angeles Lakers basketball season. In a recent social media squabble, I ran into an old friend, Wally Os, a.k.a. The Full Court Continue reading → Read more »


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