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  • How To Stay Strategic With Your Credit Card Spending
    The allure of a credit card is a mixture of its promise of financial freedom and of special bonuses, or the opportunity to participate in rewards programmes. But unless you’re spending far below what you should be, that financial freedom can be a trap. After all, spending more could mean… Read more »
  • 5 Ways to Divorce-Proof Your Marriage, According to Relationship Expert Esther Perel
    After reading the title, you’re probably thinking: is it really possible to divorce-proof your marriage? Well, you clicked on this article and that means you’re curious. And I definitely understand why. “For richer or for poorer, in sickness and in heath, as long as we both shall live,” is much… Read more »
  • Vibration Mortification: My Daughter Found My Magic Wand
    About a year ago, I embarked on the shitty job of cleaning out under our bed… with surprising consequences. Having lived in our current home for more than three years, I was anticipating a huge amount of crap and not a lot of anything interesting or useful, as this is usually… Read more »
  • 40+ People Share Stories To Describe What a Vagina Tastes Like
    Have you ever wondered.. what does a vagina tastes like?! For ages, men and women alike are really curious about what a vagina tastes like…and now it has been answered! We’ve squandered all over Reddit and we found this: The comments were so interesting so we gathered these juicy 40 vajayjay… Read more »
  • The Best Adult Stores To Buy Sex Toys in Australia
    Adult Stores – hell they are a whole lot of fun!  I love them! Adult Stores are like wandering into a grown ups wonderland! The colours, the outrageous lingerie, and all those amazing feel-good toys that vibrate!  But not everyone is a fan of actually going into an Adult Store. … Read more »
  • 8 Things You Definitely Want To Know About Period Sex
    Period sex is one of those things that people just don’t talk about. Of course, people now talk about sex more – well, most people do, however, some aspects still remain taboo. Period Sex is something many women, and men, consider dirty, icky and best left alone. But the thing is,… Read more »
  • Managing Fragile Items: Expert Removalist Tips for Delicate Possessions
    Moving to a new home can be an exciting adventure, but ensuring that your delicate and valuable items make the journey unscathed comes with the challenge. Fragile possessions like glassware, china, and electronics require special care to withstand the bumps and jostles of the moving process. In this guide, we’ll… Read more »
  • Easy Yogurt Baked Chicken Pieces
    Baked Chicken can often be dry and almost tasteless, so we have a super solution: Yogurt Baked Chicken Pieces. Chicken that has been delicately marinated in – as the name suggests – yogurt which will make the chicken nice and moist. This recipe is not only healthy, but you don’t… Read more »
  • Navigating Domestic Violence: Legal Protections and Resources in Family Law
    In every community, individuals deserve to feel safe and secure within their homes. Unfortunately, domestic violence can shatter that sense of security, leaving victims in a vulnerable and frightening position. If you or someone you know is facing domestic violence, it’s crucial to be aware of the legal protections and… Read more »
  • 16 Parents Texted Their Kids And It Went Hilariously Wrong
    16 Parents Texted Their Kids And It Went Hilariously Wrong These hilarious compilations of parents texted their kids will make you LOL! Nope, I don’t mean lots of love but laugh out loud! Whether it’s because of auto-correct or just our brain shutting down for a minute, I’m sure all… Read more »

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