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  • Exploring the Psychedelic Therapy, Triumphs, and TrapsExploring the Psychedelic Therapy, Triumphs, and Traps
    The exploration of psychedelic drugs as therapeutic tools marks a significant shift in the landscape of mental health treatment. These substances, long associated with cultural and recreational contexts, are now emerging as potential agents of profound psychological change. This evolution in perception and application of psychedelics, including psilocybin, LSD, and… Read more »
  • E-cigarettes: Gateway to Smoking or Road to Recovery?E-cigarettes: Gateway to Smoking or Road to Recovery?
    As a group therapy facilitator in a recovery center, you’ve seen firsthand the struggle individuals face when dealing with addiction. E-cigarettes have emerged as a controversial topic in the recovery community, and you may be wondering: are they a gateway to smoking or a path to recovery? In the global… Read more »
  • ‘Dopamine Fasting’: Silicon Valley’s Misguided Answer to Addiction‘Dopamine Fasting’: Silicon Valley’s Misguided Answer to Addiction
    ‘Dopamine Fasting’ is the newest fad to come out of Silicon Valley. Experts in technology there say it can help people overcome their dependence on digital devices, which is a problem all throughout the world and right here in South Africa. By avoiding activities that stimulate dopamine, the neurotransmitter responsible… Read more »
  • Cultivating Self-Compassion Through Positive Self-TalkCultivating Self-Compassion Through Positive Self-Talk
    Cultivating a self-compassionate attitude through positive self-talk is a game-changer in the lifelong voyage of addiction recovery. The way you talk to yourself has a significant impact on your health, resiliency, and overall recovery. Let’s examine the compelling case for adopting self-compassion and positive self-talk, as well as how these… Read more »
  • The Power of Self-Compassion in Opiate Addiction RecoveryThe Power of Self-Compassion in Opiate Addiction Recovery
    Acknowledging the stranglehold of opiate addiction can be one of the most daunting steps you’ll ever take. But understanding that addiction isn’t a disease, but a symptom – a reaction to distressing circumstances or environments – is a crucial step toward healing. Pioneering work by John F. Kelly, Ph.D., underscores… Read more »
  • Addressing Co-occurring Disorders in Cannabis Addiction TherapyAddressing Co-occurring Disorders in Cannabis Addiction Therapy
    As cannabis use becomes more prevalent, it is essential to address the complex interplay between addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders. In Johannesburg, where the use of cannabis is both culturally and socially ingrained, it is crucial to approach addiction therapy with a comprehensive understanding of the unique challenges faced… Read more »
  • “Rehabs Are For White People”“Rehabs Are For White People”
    With its diverse racial and ethnic groups, South Africa provides a unique context for the study of mental health and addiction. Apartheid’s legacy, as well as socioeconomic disparities, have greatly influenced the mental health landscape, resulting in distinct experiences for different racial communities. This article will investigate these racial disparities… Read more »
  • Navigating Teletherapy and Remote Addiction Treatment: In-Depth Answers to Your QuestionsNavigating Teletherapy and Remote Addiction Treatment: In-Depth Answers to Your Questions
    Are you feeling overwhelmed by the challenges of finding addiction treatment options for your loved one? In today’s digital age, teletherapy and remote addiction treatment options have emerged as viable alternatives to traditional in-person therapy. These innovative approaches offer convenience, accessibility, and flexibility, while still providing effective support and care.… Read more »
  • Journaling As A Method For Fostering Positive Self-talk During Addiction RecoveryJournaling As A Method For Fostering Positive Self-talk During Addiction Recovery
    In the journey of addiction recovery, finding effective strategies to foster positive self-talk and cultivate a healthy mindset is crucial. One such method that can aid in this process is journaling. You can share your ideas, feelings, and experiences pertaining to your recovery path in a safe and confidential setting… Read more »
  • Restoring Self-esteem In Prescription Drug Addiction Therapy: Rebuilding A Positive Self-imageRestoring Self-esteem In Prescription Drug Addiction Therapy: Rebuilding A Positive Self-image
    As you walk towards recovery from prescription drug addiction, it’s crucial to address not only the physical aspects of your addiction but also the emotional and psychological toll it has taken on your self-esteem. Prescription drug addiction can strip away your confidence, leaving you feeling helpless and disconnected from your… Read more »

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Can Online Addiction Rehab Help?

When someone has an addiction problem, most say “just go to rehab”. But obstacles abound, and untreated addictions can be fatal. Everyone deserves treatment options, says Recovery Direct. Access to care and support should not be hampered by inability to attend an in-person rehab programme Our virtual IOP was designed for clients who cannot attend in-person rehab.

Online rehabs!

One of the most cited reasons for going virtual is the COVID-19 pandemic. When a public health crisis prevents them from interacting, addicts must seek support elsewhere. Many people cannot leave their daily lives to attend a rehab programme. Private rehab is costly. There may be a lack of local services. Addiction treatment in person can be difficult for people with disabilities.

Many people simply prefer virtual alternatives.

Recovery Direct customises each client’s addiction treatment programme to their unique needs. We have them too. Starting with a phone assessment, we learn about you, your addiction, your goals, and other details. So we can customise your treatment plan. Addiction and recovery are personal stories. Your initial phone assessment will determine your treatment plan. Online yoga and meditation are just a few of the options available to you.

Treatment for addiction online

This is a practical way to reach people who may not otherwise seek help. It may be more effective than in-person rehab for some.

Among the benefits

LESS WAIT Due to limited capacity, many in-person addiction treatment centres have waiting lists. You can usually start the virtual intensive outpatient programme within 24 hours of your initial phone assessment. Continuity of You must physically leave your life for an inpatient rehab programme. Our virtual programme will allow you to continue living at home and participating in daily activities. Accessibility. But not everyone can. You may be isolated or lack transportation. Addiction treatment at home can help people with disabilities or chronic illnesses access other services. No angst Addicts frequently have anxiety, depression, and PTSD (PTSD). Some people benefit from receiving addiction treatment in a familiar environment.

Why RD?

Recovery Direct’s virtual clients receive 24/7 personalised care. A crisis is only a phone call or clicks away. We don’t just hire for skills. We seek addiction specialists with compassion, kindness, and a willingness to learn. We guarantee your safety whether you attend in person or virtually.

Our clients aren’t “addicts”. We see them as people going through a tough time. Our addiction treatment programmes address the whole person: body, mind, spirit. Then we can help you become stronger and more resilient in each area.

Our virtual therapy program can help you overcome your addiction to drugs, shopping, or social media.