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  • Setting Goals for a Fulfilling Future Post-Addiction in 2024Setting Goals for a Fulfilling Future Post-Addiction in 2024
    As we navigate our way through 2024, many of us find ourselves in the new universe post-treatment , having taken strides towards overcoming addiction. This juncture is pivotal; it marks a transition from the pursuit of sobriety to the broader objective of constructing a rewarding existence free from addiction. Our… Read more »
  • Proper Ways to Use Supplements to Improve Your Health & Speed Recovery ProcessesProper Ways to Use Supplements to Improve Your Health & Speed Recovery Processes
    Substance abuse leads to many nutritional deficiencies due to malnutrition, digestive problems and impaired nutrient absorption processes in the body. Poor eating habits and the impact of substances on the digestive system often exacerbate these issues and can contribute to mental health related problems like depression, anxiety and chronic fatigue.… Read more »
  • How a Positive Mindset Enhances Mental WellnessHow a Positive Mindset Enhances Mental Wellness
    Have you ever wondered how a positive mindset can enhance your mental wellness? It’s not just about putting on a happy face. It involves a far more comprehensive approach to how you perceive and engage with the world. Dive in, and let’s explore the transformative powers of positivity on your… Read more »
  • Exploring the Psychedelic Therapy, Triumphs, and TrapsExploring the Psychedelic Therapy, Triumphs, and Traps
    The exploration of psychedelic drugs as therapeutic tools marks a significant shift in the landscape of mental health treatment. These substances, long associated with cultural and recreational contexts, are now emerging as potential agents of profound psychological change. This evolution in perception and application of psychedelics, including psilocybin, LSD, and… Read more »
  • E-cigarettes: Gateway to Smoking or Road to Recovery?E-cigarettes: Gateway to Smoking or Road to Recovery?
    As a group therapy facilitator in a recovery center, you’ve seen firsthand the struggle individuals face when dealing with addiction. E-cigarettes have emerged as a controversial topic in the recovery community, and you may be wondering: are they a gateway to smoking or a path to recovery? In the global… Read more »
  • ‘Dopamine Fasting’: Silicon Valley’s Misguided Answer to Addiction‘Dopamine Fasting’: Silicon Valley’s Misguided Answer to Addiction
    ‘Dopamine Fasting’ is the newest fad to come out of Silicon Valley. Experts in technology there say it can help people overcome their dependence on digital devices, which is a problem all throughout the world and right here in South Africa. By avoiding activities that stimulate dopamine, the neurotransmitter responsible… Read more »
  • Cultivating Self-Compassion Through Positive Self-TalkCultivating Self-Compassion Through Positive Self-Talk
    Cultivating a self-compassionate attitude through positive self-talk is a game-changer in the lifelong voyage of addiction recovery. The way you talk to yourself has a significant impact on your health, resiliency, and overall recovery. Let’s examine the compelling case for adopting self-compassion and positive self-talk, as well as how these… Read more »
  • The Power of Self-Compassion in Opiate Addiction RecoveryThe Power of Self-Compassion in Opiate Addiction Recovery
    Acknowledging the stranglehold of opiate addiction can be one of the most daunting steps you’ll ever take. But understanding that addiction isn’t a disease, but a symptom – a reaction to distressing circumstances or environments – is a crucial step toward healing. Pioneering work by John F. Kelly, Ph.D., underscores… Read more »
  • Follow These Top 6 Pieces Of Advice For A Healthier LifeFollow These Top 6 Pieces Of Advice For A Healthier Life
    Do you want to lead a healthier and longer life? If so, you must learn how your lifestyle choices can impact overall health. While obtaining optimal health appears to be a daunting task, utilizing helpful advice can help make the journey easier. We understand that caring for yourself isn’t always… Read more »
  • Addressing Co-occurring Disorders in Cannabis Addiction TherapyAddressing Co-occurring Disorders in Cannabis Addiction Therapy
    As cannabis use becomes more prevalent, it is essential to address the complex interplay between addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders. In Johannesburg, where the use of cannabis is both culturally and socially ingrained, it is crucial to approach addiction therapy with a comprehensive understanding of the unique challenges faced… Read more »

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