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  • Shrooms Are Safer Than WeedShrooms Are Safer Than Weed
    Magic mushrooms or “Shrooms”, the contain psilocybin which is a psychedelic drug that has been successfully tested to treat anxiety and depression and may even help with substance addictions. A global drug survey of 2017 polled 120,000 people in 50 countries across the world to discover that magic mushrooms were… Read more »
  • Cannabis Potential To Help COVID-19 Patients
    Canadian researchers think that a special strain of cannabis they have been working with might potentially be a valuable tool in the fight against COVID-19. Dr Olga and Igor Kovalchuk from the Canadian University of Lethbridge have been involved in cannabis research since 2015 and have collected a number of… Read more »
  • Jut Weed
    Jut is a classic South African mixed-race cannabis that is ubiquitous throughout Southern Africa. It often carries the connotation of being a “low grade” or junk weed that is only smoked in desperate times or when someone forgot to bring the top shelf stuff to the braai. However, if you… Read more »
  • Mourning the loss of Cannabis community hero
    In the early hours of Friday morning, Julian Stobbs was fatally shot at the Dagga Couple’s home near Lanseria in what appears to have been an armed robbery. Not much is known at this point other than that Julian was shot in his bedroom during the robbery and that mobile… Read more »
  • Growing tobacco plants with cannabis crops
    When tobacco serves as a fantastic companion crop when grown alongside cannabis plants as it fends off many unwanted ganja destroying gogoas, bugs and pests. This natural defence comes largely from nicotine found inside tobacco leaves. Tobacco is easy to grow and contains the natural insecticide nicotine. Nicotine solutions can… Read more »
  • Legalising cannabis once and for all
    John Oliver’s overview of cannabis in the United States quite candidly reflects the absurdity of cannabis legislation worldwide. Many of these US-based “war on drugs” campaigns and initiatives have been a resounding failure, added to criminality and victimisation of “minority groups” (Black and Hispanic people) in the United States. The… Read more »
  • Happy Cannabis Day Canada
    In Canada Cannabis is legal for recreational, commercial and medicinal use. Medicinal cannabis was legalized across Canada on 30 July 2001 under a number of conditions. Seed, grain, and fibre production were permitted under licence by Health Canada and finally, the Cannabis Act came into effect on 17 October 2018… Read more »
  • Growing cannabis in South Africa
    The Plant When the word cannabis is uttered, the image of the famous leaf shape is immediately recalled. Leaves are in fact the least potent part of the plant, next to the stem and the roots. The cannabis plant can be divided into six main sections, the bud, stem, branch,… Read more »
  • African cannabis still regarded some of the best in the world
    The local Swazi cannabis is referred to by locals as insangu but to the rest of the world is known as “Swazi gold” and commands an international premium due to its long-standing reputation for high-potency. Many international “award-winning” cannabis cultivars have origins in African landrace strains, Durban Poison, Rooibart, Swazi… Read more »
  • Can cannabis save the South African economy?Can cannabis save the South African economy?
    There are already some pretty convincing motivations based on sound economic research from cannabis lobbyist groups that outlines how effective the de-legalisation of cannabis could potentially be in the effort to restore South Africa’s economy again under the “new normal” in the wake of COVID-19. Unfortunately, as a country, we… Read more »

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