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  • iPLATO rolling out Remote Consultation across Hampshire and Isle of Wight
    iPLATO announced today the rollout of its remote consultation service to over 140 GP practices in Hampshire and Isle of Wight. Funded by the NHS and procured through open competition from the NHS Digital First Online Consultation Video Consultation (DFOCVC) framework the toolbar solution integrated to both EMIS and TPP… Read more »
  • International Women’s Day: A Spotlight on Common Cancers Diagnosed in Women
    A guest post from our partner Check4Cancer Differences between men and women are a consistent finding in cancer research. The risk of developing certain cancers, the types of cancer and severity of disease are all known to vary between sexes. This International Women’s Day, we’re giving you a complete rundown… Read more »
  • Kooth partners with myGP to improve patient access to mental health services
    London UK, 23rd February 2022: Kooth, has partnered with myGP, developed by iPlato, to help improve access to mental health services by cutting waiting times for NHS patients and reducing the strain on GPs.  The collaboration between the two services will offer NHS patients using iPlato’s myGP app the ability to self-refer to the Kooth… Read more »
  • myGP sees rapid growth of new GP functionality after CCG endorsements
    In an increasingly ‘digital first’ healthcare system many practices and NHS commissioners face a number of familiar challenges around data and affordability. As fewer patients pass through the practice, they need quality tools to capture patient feedback including blood pressure, ethnicity, anxiety, height and weight, etc. These data requirements are… Read more »
  • This World Cancer Day – a Focus on Prevention.
    Cancer is the second-leading cause of death worldwide, accounting for approximately 10 million deaths each year. With at least one third of common cancers being preventable, this means that millions of lives could be saved through earlier detection and treatment. Screening programmes in England save around 10,000 lives per year… Read more »
  • Why is my GP asking for personal information?
    In recent, and/or coming months, patients throughout the UK may have noticed an odd question being posed to them by their GPs… “How would you classify your ethnicity?” or “Have you been feeling anxious lately?”    Upon receiving such a query – generally by text message or other digital delivery mechanism – patients… Read more »
  • Buddy: our new Remote Consultation product
    As 2021 draws to a close, let’s take a moment to tally the number of healthtech innovations iPLATO has completed from its ambitious checklist:  Appointment reminders and automatic cancellation via reply SMS?  Check  Advanced patient engagement campaigns with integrated appointment booking? Check Patient questionnaires and SNOMED coding? Check  Patient follow-up with Friends and Family Test? – Check  Patient Facing Services including free and secure SMS… Read more »
  • (re)Introducing myGP’s patient engagement platform
    A single solution. An empowered and healthy population. With the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic came the rapid adoption of healthcare technology across the NHS. As an organisation, we have been providing services to the NHS for the last 15 years, myGP is available through DFOCVC framework, and the last… Read more »
  • Be Breast Aware with Maria DaultreyBe Breast Aware with Maria Daultrey
    A guest post from our partner Check4Cancer. Maria Daultrey, Check4Cancer Breast Nurse Clinical Lead, discusses how to be breast aware by regularly checking your breasts. Breast Cancer Awareness Month, is marked in countries across the world every October, helping to increase attention and support for the awareness, early detection and… Read more »
  • Merged appointment books – a small, but mighty, new innovation
    Launching just in time for Flu 21, myGP will start to support ‘merged appointment books’. This is a small innovation with a big impact which will benefit patients and practices alike Let’s start with the patients. In the past, total appointments visible to patients was dependent on practices’ platform preferences.… Read more »

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