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  • Candy Cane Lane | Movie review
    Chris Carver (Eddie Murphy) lives on a street unlike any other you’ll ever see. Each year, every resident of Candy Cane Lane is determined to win the neighbourhood’s annual Christmas decorating contest and this holiday season is no exception. When Chris finds himself fired from his job, he becomes willing… Read more »
  • “It’s super important to put attention to childhood, it shapes who children become”: Lila Avilés on Tótem at the Belfast Film Festival
    Tótem is a childhood coming-of-age story by Lila Avilés following an important day in seven-year-old Sol’s life. Her father, Tona, is ill and might not be alive for very long. As his birthday approaches, the family all plan a spectacular party for him in their family home. There are games,… Read more »
  • Making a bedroom a relaxing sanctuary: Simple ways to transform the space
    A bedroom should serve as a haven of tranquillity, providing an escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life where one can unwind in peace. Transforming a bedroom into a relaxing sanctuary doesn’t necessitate a complete overhaul or a significant financial investment. By implementing some straightforward changes and thoughtful… Read more »
  • What are the fetishes and how are they useful for a relationship?
    Exploring the depths of intimacy and connection can be a rewarding journey. In relationships, there’s a spectrum of preferences, ranging from traditional approaches to more innovative and exploratory styles. These varied methods aim to enhance the closeness and intensity of the experience between partners. How can individuals navigate these preferences… Read more »
  • The House of Bernarda Alba at the National Theatre | Theatre reviewThe House of Bernarda Alba at the National Theatre | Theatre review
    In this compelling rendition of Federico Garcia Lorca’s The House of Bernarda Alba, the National Theatre, under Rebecca Frecknall’s direction, vividly resurrects 1930s Andalusia. The narrative centres on the tyrannical Bernarda Alba, a widow who subjects her daughters to an eight-year mourning period, confining them under her harsh scrutiny. This… Read more »
  • Bold and beautiful: Making a statement with styleBold and beautiful: Making a statement with style
    Imagine one’s wardrobe as a kaleidoscope of fabrics and styles, with each piece serving as a vibrant contender for today’s chapter in one’s fashion story. It resembles a box of crayons in a child’s hand, offering endless possibilities and the joy of bold, bright choices. Each garment represents more than… Read more »
  • How to avoid going broke while on holiday
    Ah, the holidays! It’s the perfect time for individuals to kick back and unwind from their office shenanigans, away from the stressors in life, and somewhere close to a sunny beach with a mimosa in their hands. It’s a much-needed break to rejuvenate oneself while earning a well-deserved rest. Unfortunately,… Read more »
  • The joy of baking: Discovering the world of cooking classes
    In the cosy corners of British kitchens, a delightful revolution has been quietly whisking up. Baking, once a necessity, has risen as a cherished pastime, with the scent of freshly baked bread and the warmth of a hot oven becoming synonymous with home comfort. Television programmes such as The Great… Read more »
  • Coldplay turns generous amidst their “music of the spheres world tour”
    Coldplay turned generous amidst their music of the Spheres world tour as they dished out free tickets to some of their fans who were affected by two canceled flights scheduled to leave Brisbane and Adelaide some days ago, causing them to miss the band’s Perth show in Western Australia. In… Read more »
  • Willie J Healey at Electric Brixton | Live reviewWillie J Healey at Electric Brixton | Live review
    Willie J Healey released his understated lo-fi debut, People and Their Dogs, in 2017. It was warmly received by critics, as has his current album, Bunny, but the artist seems to have slipped below the radar of the press in recent years. He’s now finishing the tour of his third… Read more »

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