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  • (The Worst) Best Ugly Christmas Sweaters Money Can Buy(The Worst) Best Ugly Christmas Sweaters Money Can Buy
    One of my favorite parts about the holidays are ugly Christmas sweaters. They can be hilarious and horrible at the same time. These are some of the (worst) best ones you’ll be able to find. I’ve personally bought and worn way too many horrible holiday attire pieces. While there was… Read more »
  • The Best Wine Ratings and Reviewers You Can TrustThe Best Wine Ratings and Reviewers You Can Trust
    Figuring out the best wine ratings means not only identifying reputable reviewers you can trust, but finding wine critics whose taste and palate most aligns with yours. Alongside with what you can find online, here’s how to vet your local sommelier and wine buyers. The 100 Point Scoring System The… Read more »
  • What Happened to the Charm of AirBnB?What Happened to the Charm of AirBnB?
    In the beginning days of my blogging and Instagram, utilizing services like AirBnB and Uber had a much different charm and feel to them. It was magical and new, an inviting way to meet new people and share stories. Adventure seemed to come about and manifest itself. Something happened with… Read more »
  • The Ring of Fire October 14, 2023 Solar EclipseThe Ring of Fire October 14, 2023 Solar Eclipse
    Explore the wonders of solar eclipses with this detailed guide on how to view the Ring of Fire Annular on October 14th 2023. Whether an astronomy enthusiast or a curious observer, get equipped with prime viewing locations, essential knowledge, and safety tips for an unforgettable celestial experience. Almost everyone has… Read more »
  • The Best Restaurants in Reno NevadaThe Best Restaurants in Reno Nevada
    Journey into the heart of the Sierra Nevada’s and discover some of the best restaurants in Reno Nevada. More than the “Biggest Little City in the World” – it’s is a culinary treasure trove waiting to be explored. As a passionate foodie who’s journeyed through Reno’s vibrant midtown, the Riverwalk… Read more »
  • I So Roso Cocktail RecipeI So Roso Cocktail Recipe
    The I So Roso is an original tequila based cocktail recipe, meant to be delicate and nuanced. While I love a good margarita or using citrus with my tequila, this particular cocktail uses no such things and will astound your taste buds. Due to how the ingredients are balanced, the… Read more »
  • Making Passive Income with Grass and Wynd NetworkMaking Passive Income with Grass and Wynd Network
    In the digital age, where data is the new gold, the way we interact with the internet is constantly evolving. One of the most intriguing developments in recent years is the emergence of Grass, a decentralized residential proxy market from Wynd Network. This browser extension is set to revolutionize how… Read more »
  • How To Install Home Assistant on SynologyHow To Install Home Assistant on Synology
    Learn how to properly install Home Assistant on Synology and get all the features, including add-ons, updates, and the supervisor. This entire process will take about an hour to complete. I’m using a Synology DS1821+ and DSM 7.2.x. This guide will work and can be followed along on any Synology… Read more »
  • Synology NVMe Volume Installation and Setup GuideSynology NVMe Volume Installation and Setup Guide
    Everything you need to know to install and setup a Synology NVMe Volume using DSM 7.2. Learn how to install dual NVMe m.2 SSDs along with some helpful tips and tricks for your own NAS. Using DSM 7.2.x and full volume encryption on a DS1821+. This is meant to be… Read more »
  • Toro Summer of Stripes Mower and TrimmerToro Summer of Stripes Mower and Trimmer
    The wet and rainy winter this year in California has made my backyard greener than ever. It also means my lawn has grown into a miniature jungle. The kids from “Honey I Shrunk the Kids” wouldn’t stand a chance out there! Luckily, Toro kindly sent me their new 60V Max… Read more »

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