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  • Tips for the Bright Angel Trail at the Grand Canyon
    The Bright Angel Trail at the Grand Canyon is one of the most popular hikes from the South Rim as it is one of the only few opportunities you have to head down into the canyon proper. But while the hike does give the chance to enjoy some beautiful scenery,… Read more »
  • Arizona Biltmore Review – A Grand Stay in Phoenix
    When it comes to opulence in Phoenix, it is hard to beat the historic Arizona Biltmore on the outskirts of the city. This gem, built in 1929, has just about everything we look for in a high-end stay- unique architecture, wonderful amenities, and a history to match. Although we do… Read more »
  • 5 of the Best Winter Activities in the Arctic Circle in Sweden
    When we traveled to the Arctic Circle in Sweden (Kiruna, specifically), our primary goal was to attempt to see the northern lights for the first time. But before we booked our accommodation, we had a decision to make- do we go fully remote for the best light viewing while being… Read more »
  • Our Top 10 Travel Experiences From Around the World
    When you head out on a long-term trip, every single person you meet will ask you what your favorite experience has been. We have been asked this question hundreds if not thousands of times, and for several months it was very hard to answer as we have had just too… Read more »
  • 5 of the Best Travel Rewards Credit Cards in Our Wallets
    When we tell people we often travel the world for free, they often look at is with a bit of incredulity. Those who know us instantly assume it is because of this travel blog and that we bounce around from press trip to press trip. But we often shock them… Read more »
  • Marg & Bein Review – A Prix Fixe Local Experience in Bergen
    Marg & Bein is a prix fixe fine dining restaurant located in Bergen, Norway, that utilizes only Norwegian meats and produce in their 4, 6, or 9-course menus. On our visit we tried the 6-course menu with wine pairings and, although each dish was rather small, the creativity and flavors… Read more »
  • 10 Great Norwegian Foods to Try (and Where to Get Them)
    You may not think of Norway as a culinary destination, but on our recent western fjord road trip, we were pleasantly surprised with the food. Although the dining scene in larger towns like Bergen and Alesund was amazing with lots of fine dining options, we were equally impressed at some… Read more »
  • A Complete Guide to Alaska’s Matanuska Glacier
    Matanuska Glacier is a 27-mile beast of a glacier tucked away in Alaska’s Chugach Mountain Range. It’s the largest glacier accessible by car in the country, but things get even more exciting if you book a tour to walk across this glacial landscape. Getting up close and personal with this… Read more »
  • The Mount Washington Cog Railway – Ride Up the Mountain
    The Mount Washington Cog Railway is located in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, USA. It climbs Mount Washington, the highest peak in the Northeastern United States.The railway is about 3 miles (~5 km) long, and it climbs from an elevation of approximately2,700 feet (820 meters) at its base to the summit… Read more »
  • Kayaking in Geiranger Fjord to the Seven Sisters Waterfall
    Seeing waterfalls on the fjords of Norway is often high on every visitor's list.  There are many ways to accomplish this, either by taking a cruise, ferry, boat tour, or, in some cases, simply stopping at an overlook with a car. But in Geiranger, you can check out waterfalls like… Read more »

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