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Brooklyn Care – Frail Care Pretoria provides 24-hour nursing and house calls to seniors who need it. Contact us for details

Frail Care Pretoria Brooklyn can help you with all your senior loved one’s needs. We offer 24-hour nursing, house calls, and all the other services they might need. If you have questions about aging in place, please contact us today!

  • Senior Care that You Can Rely On
    Your Elderly Loved One in Good Hands 24/7 at Brooklyn Care Having peace of mind knowing that you’re leaving your elderly parents or grandparents in capable hands is what matters at Brooklyn Care. We understand that being apart is difficult and especially so when finding a reputable facility. We provide… Read more »
  • How to Keep Your Brain Sharp and Healthy as You Age
    Everyone has that momentary memory lapse where you can’t remember why you walked into the kitchen, or you’ve misplaced your car keys. This happens to everyone and it is normal. But when memory loss becomes frequent and more intense, then it might be as a result of other health concerns. … Read more »
  • 5 Important Ways To Boost Your Immune System As You Get Older
    Getting old isn’t easy. As we age, our bodies become weaker and more prone to picking up viruses. But turning to over the counter (OTC) medication isn’t always the best thing to do since it could lead to side effects. Speaking of side effects, most seniors are already on chronic… Read more »
  • Different Types of Dementia – Brooklyn Care
    Dementia is often miss understood, or not even recognised. This condition not only changes the lives of the patient diagnosed, but also the lives of their loved ones. How can you tell if your senior loved one may have dementia? Different types of dementia: Symptoms and treatment Dementia is defined… Read more »
  • The Role Of a Nurse In Frail Care
    Frail care is one of the places some of us dread the most because of the negative aspects associated with bad facilities. The anxiety is real and when it comes to placing your senior loved one in a frail care facility, you want to be 100% certain that they are… Read more »
  • UTI’s In Elderly (Urinary Tract Disease)
    UTI “urinary tract infection” is commonly caused due to a bacterial infection. Urinary tract disease can affect the urethra, renal pelvis, ureters, bladder, and kidneys because these comprise of the organs in the urinary tract. When UTI’s occur in elderly, it often results in confusion as opposed to the typical… Read more »
  • What Is A Healthy Diet For Seniors?
    Eating healthy plays a major role in our wellness. The correct foods are packed with vitamins, minerals, and good fats which are all important for a balanced diet. As we become older, our diets change too. Seniors tend to eat less food, and this is even more important that you… Read more »
  • Symptoms of dehydration in elderly, prevention and signs
    Dehydration is a serious matter and more so when it comes to our seniors. This is why being able to detect the signs and ensuring that they remain hydrated is so important. Living in warm, humid areas can result in more fluids loss through perspiration. Weather is not the only… Read more »
  • Taking Safety Precautions For Elderly Folk During Covid-19
    Corona virus has proven to be particularly more dangerous to elderly people and those with weaker immune systems. It is a difficult time for families, the economy and the world altogether. Since covid-19 puts our elderly family members at high risk, we want to dedicate this post to help you… Read more »
  • Managing Type 2 Diabetes In Senior Residents
    Type 2 diabetes is common in our society and effects young and old people. As the human body ages, being able to manage chronic conditions becomes more challenging and needs closer care and attention. Brooklyn Care is dedicated to the well-being and health of all our senior residents. Type 2… Read more »