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  • Heat alerts due to rising temperaturesHeat alerts due to rising temperatures
    THE Ministry of Health has unveiled a plan to address escalating temperatures, introducing an updated risk map that considers mortality risks tied to extreme heat. Updated Heat Risk Map Divides Spain into 182 Zones Dividing Spain into 182 zones, each marked by significant correlations between heat and mortality, the plan… Read more »
  • Spotlight on CartagenaSpotlight on Cartagena
    Cartagena stands proudly as a major naval stronghold on the Mediterranean shores. With a population of over 200,000, it’s the second-largest municipality in Murcia and the sixth-largest city in Spain that is not a regional capital. The Cartagena area, known as Campo de Cartagena, homes nearly double that figure. The… Read more »
  • Transformative Plans for MagalufTransformative Plans for Magaluf
    Calvia Town Council has unveiled ambitious plans for the upcoming renovation of the Magaluf promenade.  The initial phase of the project will focus on a 650 metre stretch of the promenade, extending from Nikki Beach to the square that houses Blackbeard’s Beach Bar and Ocean’s Beach Club. Upgrades to Infrastructure… Read more »
  • Mallorca’s Summer of Music 2024Mallorca’s Summer of Music 2024
    As the summer season begins, Mallorca is looking forward to celebrating local and international artists.  Mallorca Live Festival Blondie, Pet Shop Boys and Underworld are iconic groups who will be performing on the island for the first time, at the Mallorca Live Festival.  This important musical event will run from… Read more »
  • History was made by Manchester CityHistory was made by Manchester City
    A pitch invasion by fans rather dampened what should have been a really exciting end of the Premier League season with Manchester City beating West Ham. Down to the line It really did come down to the last match of the season with City beating West Ham 3 -1 whilst… Read more »
  • Unlocking Machu Picchu: Alicante firefighter’s role in revealing Inca secretsUnlocking Machu Picchu: Alicante firefighter’s role in revealing Inca secrets
    For 500 years, the lost city of the Incas, Machu Picchu, has guarded secrets, some buried in places so remote and inaccessible that only condors and pumas could reach them. However, an adventurous firefighter from Alicante has become a key player in unveiling these mysteries. Part of a specialised group,… Read more »
  • Continuous growth in prime real estate on the Costa BlancaContinuous growth in prime real estate on the Costa Blanca
    Prime Real Estate Alicante’s prime real estate market continues its upward trajectory following a busy 2023. According to a report from Lucas Fox International Properties, this segment is experiencing remarkable dynamism, with luxury properties fetching prices exceeding €4 million. The surge in international demand is a key driver, leading to… Read more »
  • If you shop in Benalmadena, we all winIf you shop in Benalmadena, we all win
    The Association of Traders and Businessmen of Benalmadena (ACEB), with the collaboration of Benalmadena Town Hall, has launched a campaign to promote local shops, with the aim of raising awareness and encouraging shopping in Benalmadena’s establishments to increase sales. The president of ACEB said that the central message is “If… Read more »
  • Promoting Almeria as a golf havenPromoting Almeria as a golf haven
    In the same way that the annual FITUR event is the meeting place for tourism professionals in Madrid, golf has its own European Convention. This year it took place in Malaga City between May 13 and 15 and as well as hosting a major golf competition the 2024 IAGTO European… Read more »
  • Elda celebrations: 25 Years of market excellenceElda celebrations: 25 Years of market excellence
    Silvia Ibáñez, Elda’s Councillor for Markets, has announced an exciting event scheduled for May 25. The aim of the event is to express gratitude to the clients and friends of the San Francisco Market for their unwavering support and loyalty over the past 25 years. The celebration, titled “25 Years of… Read more »

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