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  • Climate activists dye Venice’s Grand Canal greenClimate activists dye Venice’s Grand Canal green
    CLIMATE activists linked to the Extinction Rebellion organisation dyed waterways all over Italy a fluorescent green in protest against the COP28 climate summit in Dubai and the Italian government’s perceived lack of action regarding climate change.  Waterways in the Italian cities of Venice, Milan, and Rome were saturated with a… Read more »
  • Dickens at ChristmasDickens at Christmas
    Christmas in Malaga: Dickens’ A Christmas Carol in the English Cemetery, the jewel of the 19th century, an event which will transport you back to Victorian times with spectacular lighting, choirs, dramatised visits, storytelling, a Christmas shop, mulled wine and markets. Malaga’s English Cemetery, the oldest non-Catholic necropolis in the… Read more »
  • Defence Ministry: Russia targets Ukraine’s energy gridDefence Ministry: Russia targets Ukraine’s energy grid
    THE UK Defence Ministry said on X on December 10 that recent Russian airstrikes against Kyiv and targets in central Ukraine are likely “the start of a more concerted campaign,” aimed at “degrading Ukraine’s energy infrastructure.”  As Ukraine prepares for the war’s second full winter, Russia appears to be gearing… Read more »
  • Musical PassportMusical Passport
    THE Casa de la Cultura in Fuengirola will be the venue for the ‘Europe to be discovered’ concert series with the Astrea Quintet. The concerts will give the audience to classical music from 7 different countries, including: France, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, England and Spain. According to Amador del… Read more »
  • Four arrested in Barcelona suitcase wrapper brawlFour arrested in Barcelona suitcase wrapper brawl
    IN a bizarre and violent spectacle that occurred around six in the afternoon on December 9 in Terminal 1 of Barcelona’s El Prat Airport, a group of men working as suitcase wrappers launched into a fight, using their rolls of plastic as weapons.  In the end, four were arrested by… Read more »
  • Sotogrande Marina theftsSotogrande Marina thefts
    IN THE Port of Sotogrande, a group dedicated to the theft of jet skis and luxury boats has been arrested and 3 boats and 3 jet skis that had been stolen in the port have been recovered. The investigation by the Guardia Civil began in the summer of this year,… Read more »
  • Found: the tomato that was lost in spaceFound: the tomato that was lost in space
    Houston, we no longer have a problem. One of the first tomatoes ever harvested in space was picked by astronaut Frank Rubio earlier this year. Unfortunately, although Rubio swore that he sealed the tomato in a plastic bag, it then went missing and hadn’t been seen since. Until last week.… Read more »
  • EU may ease air restrictions for Bulgaria, RomaniaEU may ease air restrictions for Bulgaria, Romania
    DESPITE Austria’s veto on Bulgaria and Romania joining the EU’s Schengen Region due to immigration concerns, Interior Minister Gerhard Karner has expressed willingness to ease air-travel restrictions for Romanians and Bulgarians within the EU, reports Austrian outlet OE24.  Passport Controls No More? Though Romania and Bulgaria would still not be… Read more »
  • Beach connectionsBeach connections
    ESTEPONA Town Council has confirmed that work has been completed on the section of the coastal path at Playa del Cristo beach. The creation of this new path allows an uninterrupted walk of more than 17 kilometres from Costa Natura to El Saladillo. The new section will be open this… Read more »
  • Be part of the Christmas decorationsBe part of the Christmas decorations
    Apart from the ‘normal’ huge Christmas trees and Christmas lights, the Czech Republic takes things a step further every year. They decorate trams and buses and even one cable car, so that not only are there mobile Christmas decorations, passengers can be part of them. Public transport decorated for Christmas… Read more »

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