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  • Singapore Rice NoodlesSingapore Rice Noodles
    Learn how to make Singapore rice noodles in the comfort of your own kitchen. The recipe is quick, easy, and tastes like something from a restaurant!  Quick and easy dinners are our jam, especially when no eggs are involved. You don’t have to head to Hong Kong to experience the… Read more »
  • Banana Cream Pie RecipeBanana Cream Pie Recipe
    Learn how to make a classic banana cream pie in the comfort of your own kitchen! With a combination of fresh bananas and coconut cream, it’s the perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth!  If you love a slice of creamy pie, this easy banana cream pie recipe will be… Read more »
  • Chickpea BlondiesChickpea Blondies
    This chickpea blondies recipe yields soft, gooey, and crisp-around-the-edge desserts! You won’t believe they are flourless! No eggs and no butter needed, just one blender or bowl to whip up these amazing treats!  Chickpea Blondies Whenever I’m craving a cozy vegan dessert, my favorite recipes to make are brownies, cosmic… Read more »
  • Vegan Stuffed Bell PeppersVegan Stuffed Bell Peppers
    This vegan stuffed peppers recipe is quick and easy, and helps you use up anything and everything in your fridge! Filled with plant-based proteins, grains and vegetables, it’s affordable and takes seconds to prep.  When it comes to satisfying vegan main dishes, I love to incorporate smoky, earthy proteins like… Read more »
  • Mini Cheesecake BitesMini Cheesecake Bites
    This incredibly delicious no bake mini cheesecake bites recipe uses raw, wholesome ingredients. This wonderful plant-based treat will not only satisfy your sweet snack cravings, but is also highly nutritious! Why you’ll love this recipe While I love literally all variations of cheesecake, the blueberry filling and oatmeal crust used… Read more »
  • Vegan Split Pea SoupVegan Split Pea Soup
    This vegan split pea soup recipe is incredibly delicious and super easy to make! The combination of split peas, veggies, and herbs creates a comforting AND satisfying soup that will have you eagerly going back for seconds. If you’re anything like me, soups are a wonderful way to meal prep.… Read more »
  • Miso PastaMiso Pasta
    This smooth and creamy miso pasta recipe is super easy and nutritious. Ready in less than 10 minutes, this dish takes the classic umami flavor of miso and bolsters it with leafy green spinach creating a rich and healthy pasta sauce. If you’ve already tackled my sun-dried tomato pasta and… Read more »
  • Vegan BrowniesVegan Brownies
    This vegan brownie recipe yields such gooey and fudgy treats, you’ll never look at a boxed mix again! Made with simple ingredients, they have gorgeous crinkly tops, chewy edges and a wonderfully soft center. When it comes to classic vegan desserts, my go-to recipes usually rotate between chocolate cupcakes, blondies,… Read more »
  • Vegan Carrot CakeVegan Carrot Cake
    Learn how to make this super moist vegan carrot cake! It has delicious spiced layers and a dairy-free cream cheese frosting, best of all it’s incredibly quick and simple to prepare. Why you’ll love this carrot cake recipe Ingredients needed For the cake: For the vegan cream cheese frosting: How… Read more »
  • Vegan Chocolate CupcakesVegan Chocolate Cupcakes
    This is the ULTIMATE vegan chocolate cupcake recipe. With a moist cupcake base, a rich ganache center and an indulgent vegan chocolate buttercream frosting, this is a dessert that no one will forget! Why you’ll love these vegan cupcakes Ingredients needed For the cupcake base. See the recipe card below… Read more »

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