Putting In The Magic

We are passionate about helping abused and abandoned small ponies. Putting in the Magic are passionate about offering safety and security for abandoned or abused small ponies. Many of them are old, discarded after their usefulness has passed. Many of them are terrified and have lost all faith in people. Even if some of them will never be rehomed, we will help them rebuild trust.

We believe all animals deserve respect and care.

Many of them have become old and are thrown away when they no longer serve any purpose. Many are scared beyond their ability and distrust people. We will continue to work with them to regain trust even though they may never be rehomed.

  • All about Lorenzo
    Between the poxy Russians invading Ukraine and Lorenzo becoming a TikTok sensation it’s been quite a week. He’s so far up himself now, you can’t talk to him without an appointment. He thought the Ukraine was down at the Port in Cork, we had to explain to him it was next… Read more »
  • MacDonald’s Magical Miles
      I’m a bit late with this week’s blog because we had not 1, not 2, not 3, but FOUR storms last week and I got blown out of it into next door’s, me and Diablo and Reginald and Al Caponey. A big gust of wind came and whoosh, up… Read more »
  • Putting in the Magic: MacDonald’s Magical MilesPutting in the Magic: MacDonald’s Magical Miles
     The tiny black and white foal stood alone in the stable, listening to his mum being loaded into a horsebox. At 10 days old, he couldn’t see over the door of the stable but he could hear her calling him and he called back. “Where are you going, mummy?… Read more »
  • The Russians have goneThe Russians have gone
    Last Monday Lorenzo jumped on Frances and she fell over and when she got up and ran away he chased her all around the track until the Lady spotted him. She said, I’ve lost my patience with you now and when Lorenzo said he’d go look for it if she paid him… Read more »
  • Monkeyskin is adopted
    This week the Lady decided it was Spring and time to open up the track for us. I should explain that my herd consists of Lorenzo, Ayjay, Chrissie, Bon Bon and Al Caponey and we live in the top field beside Rocketts, which is an old pub that’s been derelict… Read more »
  • Hello, it’s me, Matchbox, againHello, it’s me, Matchbox, again
    It’s been quite an exciting week. First a man in Carlow took his uncle to the Post Office to collect his pension but when they got there he was dead, not the man, the uncle, so the lady behind the counter said she wouldn’t give him his pension which I… Read more »
  • Life at the sanctuaryLife at the sanctuary
    Let me explain a bit about where we live. We have 4 acres of fields to play in and the Lady’s house is slap bang in the middle of it, at the end of a long driveway. There’s 14 of us at the moment so she has us divided into… Read more »
  • Matchbox is our resident bloggerMatchbox is our resident blogger
    My name is Matchbox and I am the Lady’s secretary. I used to be the clerk but I got promoted last year on account of my good work. And now the Lady has asked me to write a blog, which I think might be another promotion. When I first came… Read more »