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  • Halal Travel: 5 Top Tips for Solo Female Travelers
    Solo travel is a rewarding, life-changing experience that is on a lot of people’s bucket list, but it has its challenges. As a female, you may have reservations about traveling solo; this can be especially true if you are a Muslim woman. However, with some common sense and a bit... Read more »
  • 3 Best Islamic Online Games
    When used effectively, apps, online games, and technology can be a source of joy and can prove to be educational and rewarding. It is inevitable that these days you will want to be on the internet in some way so it’s a good idea to use the potential screen time... Read more »
  • The Beauty of The Divine Feminine In Islam
    I recently came to the realization that GirlBoss feminism (created by Sophia Amoruso in 2014) undermines the value of femininity in women’s lives, and that the idea of the Divine feminine (specifically, the idea of femininity in Islam) is far more useful in helping eradicate internalized misogyny.   I grew up in... Read more »
  • The Irony of Repealing the Muslim Ban
    Contrary to prevalent discourse among many Muslims, the Biden administration does not deserve a gold star for repealing the Muslim ban. Amid a national round of applause by those whose political interest does not extend beyond American borders, I withhold my praise. This week, the Biden administration made clear through... Read more »

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