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  • Do Maintenance Free Vehicles Really Exist?
    The engine oil, transmission fluid, and the cooling system of your vehicle is just the beginning of proper maintenance.  There are other fluids, filters, and spark plugs just to name a few.  When you are on the repairing side of vehicles that have been in use for 60,000 miles or… Read more »
  • Are The Fluids In Your Vehicle Maintenance Free?
    This article is the 2nd one on whether today’s vehicles are really maintenance free.  We were talking about engine oil, it is interesting but a simple oil change is one of the best returns on investment that you can have performed on your vehicle. By keeping the engine oil clean no… Read more »
  • How Often Should I have My Vehicle Alignment Adjusted
    A vehicle should track straight on a flat, straight road with the steering wheel centered.  To keep it that way it is a good idea to have the alignment checked on an annual basis.  The condition of our roads can cause a vehicle to get knocked out of alignment by… Read more »
  • How To Keep Your Vehicle Sanitized For Your Family’s Protection?
    During the Covid-19 pandemic, everyone has been cleaning and sanitizing our hands, door knobs, glasses, countertops, tables & chairs.  But do you think about how many germs could be in your vehicle. performed a study that showed a steering wheel of a vehicle has 4 times more germs than… Read more »
  • How Often Should I Change the Timing Chain on My Engine?
      The timing chain of a vehicles’ engine is designed to last the life time of the engine, if that engine is maintained properly.  Timing chains are not typically a maintenance service that needs to be replaced after so many miles or years like a timing belt. The best way… Read more »
  • What Should I Do If My Check Engine Light Is On and I Am Due to Get the DEQ Emissions Test?
    If the Check Engine/Service Engine Soon light is illuminated on your dash, the computer of your vehicle is seeing an error that affects the performance or the emission operation of your vehicle.  We recommend that you do NOT take it to DEQ.  The vehicle will fail the test and it… Read more »
  • Video Transcript: All About Automotive is Hiring | How to Join Our Team
    Transcript: We are a full, independent automotive repair facility in Historic Downtown Gresham working on both domestic and foreign vehicles. Our shop is currently seeking “A” level techs to entry level techs. You have the opportunity to learn and have a variety of work. We offer competitive pay, production-based bonuses,… Read more »
  • Video Transcript: All About Automotive Overview
    Transcript Steve: Hi! I’m Steve Johnston with All About Automotive. We’re considered a general automotive repair. We do a little bit of everything, so from exhaust brakes [to] diagnostics [to] electrical. Karen: Steve and I started All About Automotive in Historic Downtown Gresham in October of 2000. Our tagline is… Read more »
  • My Vehicle is Maintenance Free for the First 100,000 Miles!
    Newer vehicles today are being sold with the misconception that they are maintenance free.  As an example the manufacturers have extended the life of oil changes to every 7,500 up to as much as 15,000 miles, instead of what has always been the automotive industry standard of every 3,000 miles.… Read more »
    There are really only 2 things that you need to know to use the best oil for your vehicle.   What is the manufacture specified type, grade, and weight of the oil that your vehicle is designed to use.   The best oil for your vehicle is CLEAN oil, keeping… Read more »

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