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  • The Heart of Your Vehicle’s Electrical System is The Battery
    In order for your vehicle’s electrical system to work properly a good healthy battery is essential.  The primary purpose of the battery is to start the engine.  But it is also used to stabilize power and provide extra power for the computers, modules, ignition, lighting and other accessories that when… Read more »
  • Warning Lights Article #3
    This is the last article of a 3 part series discussing the warning lights on your vehicle. The Battery/Charging System Indicator Light is amber in color and looks like a battery.  When this light illuminates, or stays illuminated or comes on and off while driving it is indicating that there… Read more »
  • Warning Lights On Your Vehicle’s Dash #2 Article
    The warning lights we will be discussing in this article, have to do with the safety features of current and newer vehicles and may not apply to every vehicle that is being driven on the road.  One thing to be aware of is that warning lights come in red or… Read more »
  • What Are The Warning Lights On Your Vehicle’s Dash?
    The dashboard of your vehicle is full of warning lights.  These lights are your vehicle’s way of talking to you (the driver) about your car.  Some of these lights are pretty obvious as to what they are warning you of, like fuel level low or seat belt not being buckled. … Read more »
  • What Is The Purpose of a Vehicle Cabin Air Filter?
    Many vehicle owners are not even aware that their vehicle has a cabin air filter, but most of today’s vehicles are equipped with them.  The cabin air filter in your vehicle is an essential part of your vehicle’s ventilation system.  They function like a furnace filter does in your home.… Read more »
  • How to Maintain a Vehicle That is Not Getting Used Often?
    We are in an unprecedented time with the Covid-19 Pandemic and it seems to grow larger almost every day.  For those people who are not driving their cars for work, and are definitely not going out for entertainment, they can experience an unexpected complication with their vehicles.   What is the… Read more »
  • What Is More Important Quality Or Price In Auto Repair?
    The recession that hit our nation has changed how people save, invest and spend their money. We have all learned not to be quite so frivolous with our money and our continued and current economic situation has led more consumers to be fairly price conscious.  While price is important, it… Read more »
  • How Do You Minimize Vehicle Breakdowns?
    Vehicle breakdowns, are inconvenient, expensive and always seem to happen at the worst times.  There is also a huge safety factor, getting way off to the side of the road, using flares, hazard flashers and having an emergency kit, a plan and equipment in the event of a breakdown is… Read more »
  •        My Check Engine Light Is Flashing What Should I Do?
    When the Check Engine or Service Engine Soon light illuminates on your dash, it means that your vehicle’s computer recognizes that there is a system, circuit or sensor that is working out of it’s proper parameters.  The computer(s) in your vehicle try to compensate for that problem and keep the… Read more »
  • When Should I Replace My Car Instead of Repair It?
    When a vehicle hits the 100,000 mile mark and is moving into being a 7 or 8 year old car many consumers wonder if the vehicle is worth a major repair like a replacement engine, transmission, transfer case or other large expensive repairs. The average age of a vehicle on… Read more »

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