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  • Visiting Greenhouses and Other December Gardening Tips
    Visiting local greenhouses and transporting holiday plants home safely, cleaning and storing hand tools, and removing snow from shrubs are some of the garden-related activities for this month. Try to visit a local greenhouse, as the sight of so many plants all in bloom is sure to lift the spirits… Read more »
  • Time to Plan Your December Gardening to Do List
    It’s the end of another glorious gardening year. Regardless of your region, it’s time to evaluate your garden and consider any changes you might want to make for next year. What were the aspects you loved about your garden? What did you not like so much? Ideally, photos and a… Read more »
  • Feeding Birds and other December Gardening Tips
    Proper placement of bird feeders, buying holiday garden gifts, and caring for poinsettias and Christmas cactus are some of the gardening activities for this month. To encourage birds to visit your garden this winter, set out feeders near evergreen trees or shrubs so birds have cover while they feed. If… Read more »
  • December Gardening
    THERE may be some who think it is a little late to talk about winter protection of plants in December. Still, most growers agree that the critical tune for plants that are on the borderline of hardiness is in late winter when a warm sun, combined with drying winds, takes… Read more »
  • Gardening tasks to Do in December
    The truth is that a gardener thinks of very material things in December. He is thinking of what he wants to give some good gardener for Christmas or else what he wishes he had himself. But when anyone asks him, “What do you want for Christmas?” he blinks his eyes… Read more »
  • December Gardening Tips
    Provided is a list of tasks you need to perform in your garden during December. Please understand your gardening zone which is identified in the menu above. Look for Hardiness Zones. Zone 1 Continue pruning deciduous trees and roses In coldest regions, protect roses with earth cones or wire baskets… Read more »
  • Holiday Safety and other December Gardening Tips
    December brings family and friends together to celebrate the holidays. Ensure you have a safe season by taking a few precautions before your guests arrive. For starters, take care with holiday decorations, mainly if your guest list includes young children or pets. Although poinsettias have proven not to be poisonous,… Read more »
  • How to Germinate any Seed – Growing Seed Requirements
    A seed is an embryo plant and contains virtually all the materials and energy to start off a new plant. To get the most from one’s seeds it is needful to understand a little about their needs so that just the right conditions can be given for successful growth. One… Read more »
  • Fun Facts about Poinsettias
    Are you a trivia buff? If so, perhaps you’d be interested in knowing a little bit more about the poinsettia plant you buy every Christmas. For example, did you know that the poinsettia’s main attraction is not its flowers, but its leaves? The flowers of the plant are the yellow… Read more »
  • Your Christmas Poinsettia Can Bloom Again
    This is a question often heard shortly after the new year starts and the colorful braces on this favorite Christmas flower have begun to fade and fall leaving only the sickly yellow flowerets to exude their sticky juice on window sill or flower stand. Many people will answer their own… Read more »

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