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  • Brand bidding
    Brand bidding, also known as PPC brand bidding, is a digital marketing strategy where businesses bid on branded terms or keywords associated with a third party, often a competitor. When a company engages in brand bidding, it bids on keywords related to another company’s brand. Read more »
  • The most common e-commerce mistakes – and how to avoid themThe most common e-commerce mistakes – and how to avoid them
    There is estimated to be about 26.5 million e-commerce sites across the globe currently. 27% of the global population shop online. The growth rate of retail eCommerce sales is absolutely astounding and it’s not slowing down any time soon, with global eCommerce predicted to exceed $8.1 trillion by 2026. Read more »
  • Interview with EcoFlowInterview with EcoFlow
    This month we chat to Nadia Zhang, Affiliate Manager at EcoFlow. Started in 2017 by a group of battery engineers, Ecoflow’s mission is to provide smart and eco-friendly energy solutions for individuals, families, and society at large including home solar systems, smart devices and portable power solutions. With 522 patented… Read more »
  • Interview with Lisa Bell, Digital EntrepreneurInterview with Lisa Bell, Digital Entrepreneur
    Meet Lisa Bell, writer, editor, author, and Director at The Word Architect. She is also the founder of The Organic Shop, an online health shop providing a range of natural and cruelty-free products for men, women, children, babies, and even furry family members. She loves to talk about all things… Read more »
  • Time to leverage AI’s capabilities in your digital strategy (if you haven’t already)Time to leverage AI’s capabilities in your digital strategy (if you haven’t already)
    According to the US Digital Marketing Institute, 49% of the value of the NASDAQ and 25% of the US stock market consists of just six companies, and they're all AI companies. So what does this mean for marketers? Read more »
  • Evolve in the digital world or disappear?Evolve in the digital world or disappear?
    The number of tech startups around the world is now estimated to be close to 1.35 million. As of January 2024, the global internet penetration rate is a whopping 65,4%. The amount of data produced by the world is expected to exceed 463 exabytes by 2025. The number of internet… Read more »
  • Create a winner digital strategy for the holidaysCreate a winner digital strategy for the holidays
    While Black Friday and Cyber Monday are in the rearview mirror, Boxing Day, Christmas and New Year’s are knocking at the door. As we enter the busiest shopping time of the year, digital marketers need to pull out all the stops to get their share of the spending pie. Read more »
  • Interview with Louise Daubenton, TravelstartInterview with Louise Daubenton, Travelstart
    Our December profile is Louise Daubenton, Head of Partnerships & Commercials at market leading online travel shop Travelstart. Working in senior Affiliate Manager roles across various industries for more than a decade has given her a unique and deep understanding of the affiliate marketing industry and the changes it has… Read more »
  • Gratitude is the best attitudeGratitude is the best attitude
    2023 has certainly been another challenging year not just for South Africa, but globally. However, there is always positive news to be found, and it seems that 2024 might be just that. Read more »
  • View-Through Conversion
    A View-Through Conversion is a type of conversion tracking that measures the number of visitors who saw an ad but did not click on it, but later converted. This metric is used to determine the impact of display ads on user behaviour, even if the user doesn’t click on the ad.… Read more »

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