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  • How to Install FreeTelly for Windows and Mac?
    If you have ever searched for the best home theatre software for Windows or Mac, you would have come across Kodi for sure. Kodi makes a lot of things possible, and one of them is making media management as easy as you can imagine. However, one of the problems with… Read more »
  • Different Types of Refrigerants Used in Air Conditioners
    Air conditioners have become an essential part of our life for most of us. With the temperatures rising with no limit whatsoever, these nifty devices keep us comfortable inside. If we focus on tropical areas, residential spaces fail to sustain without a proper AC. However, do you understand how air… Read more »
  • How to Remove Write Protection From Micro SD Card
    Almost all SD cards and some USB drives come with an in-built feature named Write Protection. If enabled, it will prevent changes being made to the files inside the drive. At times, it’s a wonderful feature because no changes CAN be made to the files. It means that you don’t… Read more »
  • Fix: Hulu keeps logging me out! [8 Solutions]
    Not having a Hulu account is a huge loss when you do not want to miss any piece of entertainment. But do you know what is worse than not having a Hulu account? Well, having an account but not being able to use it. Since you are here, we can… Read more »
  • How to find the MAC (Physical) Address in Windows 8.1 or 10
    MAC address is a term that you would have come across if you’ve been in the world of networking. Unlike IP address, which is dynamically allotted depending on the network your device is in, MAC address is definite and unchangeable. So, it becomes the easiest way to recognize your unique… Read more »
  • WhatLeaks.com – The Best Tool to Test the Effectiveness of Your VPN
    We are living in an era where privacy has a million-dollar value. Truth be told, the online services we use today know much more about us than we think. That’s the reason you began using a Virtual Private Network, isn’t that? Have you ever doubted the efficacy of the VPN… Read more »
  • How To Change MAC Address Of Android With or Without Rooting
    There are times when you have to change the MAC address of your device. This is due to the fact that a lot of places may restrict devices based on the MAC address. If you are trying to overcome this scenario, you’ll have to change the MAC address in some… Read more »
  • How to Fix Mouse Lag in Windows 10
    Compared to its predecessors, Windows 10 does not have many bugs as an Operating System. It allows you to enjoy the perfect PC experience without actually worrying about errors and Blue Screen situations. That having said, there still are some things you should care about while using Windows 10. Mouse… Read more »
  • 12+ Ultra Fast Free IDM Alternatives for Windows, Mac, and Linux
    Internet Download Manager, better known as IDM, has been the go-to download manager for most people for decades. It is not a surprise, either, considering IDM was one of the first download managers to bring impressive speeds and other features.  Even today, it is a great choice with support for… Read more »
  • Wii ISO Download Sites: 10 Best Websites for Wii ROMS
    Since Nintendo Wii got discontinued in 2013, most people have relied on Nintendo Wii emulators to engage with their favorite games. On the one hand, these emulators have done an amazing job of replicating the Wii experience to the maximum extent. On the other, however, the emulators always come in… Read more »

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