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  • Serious traffic accident leaves a motorcyclist dead
    A worker from the National Infrastructure Agency, ANI, lost his life on Sunday when he suffered a traffic accident. The tragedy occurred on Sunday on the road that connects Saldaña with Guamo, near the Biomax service station, where the victim known as Jimmy collided the motorcycle on which he was… Read more »
  • Everything You Didn’t Know About Saudi Arabian Baloot
    Baloot is a popular card game in the Gulf countries, especially Saudi Arabia. The Saudis consider it an integral part of their culture, and the government even televises its annual Baloot Championship. The popular trick-taking card game is renowned for improving mental abilities and thinking capacity. Baloot originated in modern-day… Read more »
  • Michelin wants to withdraw from Russia – economy
    Clermont-Ferrand – The French tire manufacturer suspended its business in Russia and exports there in mid-March. The company intends to withdraw entirely from Russia by the end of the year. In view of the war against Ukraine, the French tire manufacturer Michelin intends to withdraw completely from Russia by the… Read more »
  • Motives for Killing Women in Tangsel Revealed After Buskers Are Arrested
    Jakarta – Perpetrator murder The sadistic woman with the initials SL (35) at a boarding house in Serpong, South Tangerang, was finally arrested. Police reveal the perpetrator kill victims because they want to rob. Incident murder it previously happened on Saturday (25/6/2022), around 02.00 WIB. The victim’s neighbors initially heard… Read more »
  • 5 Hot Blooded Animals, Number 3 is Famously Ferocious5 Hot Blooded Animals, Number 3 is Famously Ferocious
    JAKARTA – Animal warm blooded is also called Homoiothermy, spelled Homeothermy. Animal hot Blooded have a stable body temperature because there are receptors in their brain to regulate body conditions. In animals, the ability to maintain a relatively constant internal temperature is about 37°C for mammals, and about 40°C for… Read more »
  • Dismissal and fine for man who secretly had two full-time jobs
    This is apparent from a decision made public yesterday by the Rotterdam subdistrict court. Double salary The man worked for a South Holland insurance company until the end of last year, but in November he started working for an IT company in the same province. There he earned a gross… Read more »
  • Delays in justice: 22 years later, the Air France works council case is canceled for “unreasonable delay”
    Of the four defendants, two are deceased and those who remain are no longer in great shape. Triple bypass for the youngest, 73, an onset of Alzheimer’s disease for the second, 82, announced his lawyer Me Dominique Inchauspé at the Bobigny court (Seine-Saint-Denis) called to judge these former members of… Read more »
  • USA: further deterioration in consumer confidence – 06/28/2022 at 16:14
    ( – Consumer confidence in the United States deteriorated again in June, according to the results of the Conference Board’s monthly survey published on Tuesday. The confidence index calculated by the employers’ organization fell by 4.5 points this month to return to 98.7, its lowest level since February 2021, after… Read more »
  • News studio – Karlsen: – These are just speculations
    – Sanctions against Russia are a price worth paying for freedom, said NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg when he spoke during the NATO summit in Madrid on Tuesday. – It is in our interest to support Ukraine, our world will be more insecure if Putin wins, says Stoltenberg. Europe and… Read more »
  • First child in the Netherlands with monkey pox
    theme image — ©  Reuters The monkeypox virus was first diagnosed in a child in the Netherlands. It concerns a child of primary school age, says a spokeswoman for the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment. It is not yet known how the child contracted the virus. “Given… Read more »

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