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  • What’s the Deal with Azure Cost Management?
    It’s been a tough few years for business owners worldwide. In fact, successfully navigating the economic and financial challenges of a post Covid-19 landscape has been a difficult, seemingly insurmountable task for brands across the board. Not only have individuals, households and business owners alike felt the pinch induced by… Read more »
  • Nymbis Cloud Solutions launches to optimise local multi-cloud requirements
    Nymbis Cloud Solutions, powered by Vox, has launched. This cloud integrator will be providing companies across industry sectors with internationally accessible cloud services, solutions, and platforms. The adoption of multi-cloud environments is accelerating as organisations look to become more agile and meet evolving customer demand in a digitally-driven market. Projections… Read more »
  • How to Enjoy the Clouds Without Getting Lost in Them:How to Enjoy the Clouds Without Getting Lost in Them:
    Just when it seemed like we were making genuine progress when it came to clarifying all things Cloud related, 2022 rolled around and made us go full circle. We’ve written enough around the topic to (hopefully) feel confident that we were in the process of debunking the many misconceptions around… Read more »
  • Let’s talk Cloud and Nymbis
    When 2020 rolled around, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone outside Wuhan who would have predicted such a unified, global shift in work cultures everywhere. The pandemic has changed the world, in some ways for the worse, but in others fundamentally for the better. One of those ways has… Read more »
  • How to be a Great Vox Ambassador
    … so, you’ve decided to embrace the side hustle and give being a Vox Ambassador a go. The stage is set, you’re ready to make those sales, everything is good and suddenly – radio silence. Your audience is as passionate as the crowd at a Camilla Cabello concert, you’re not… Read more »
  • Why be a Vox Ambassador?
    Ask any hustler, any entrepreneur, any businessman or any successful tycoon the secret to financial success, and they’ll tell you – you can’t rely on a single revenue stream. We know, we know – the daily grind of an 8 – 5 (although it’s usually a 6 – 6 when… Read more »
  • Microsoft Operator Connect – Vox and Microsoft join forces
    Vox has announced the launch of its Microsoft Operator Connect offering, enabling business customers to make and receive telephone calls within the Microsoft Teams application. Listen to an interview with Aki Anastasiou and the team about hybrid working and how your organisation can benefit from this collaboration tool. The post… Read more »
  • Microsoft Operator Connect from Vox – optimised unified communications for the South African market
    Vox has announced the launch of its Microsoft Operator Connect offering, enabling business customers to make and receive telephone calls within the Microsoft Teams application.  By adding voice calling, Microsoft Teams presents organisations of all sizes with a complete, integrated unified communications and collaboration platform. In simple terms, by subscribing… Read more »
  • Let’s talk Vox Weather…
    Let’s talk about the weather… Doesn’t sound inspiring, but we promise it’s a lot more interesting than you think. We know, we know, the thought of the weatherman elicits feelings of Evan Almighty, or a throwback to the SABC theme music while Simon with the glasses lets you know about… Read more »
  • What’s the Deal with Qwerti?
    Did you know that 90% of tech problems can be solved by turning your problem device off and on again? Yup, we’ve seen TV’s, PC’s, Routers (and even cars!) fixed purely by restarting, letting it cool down, or a combination of both. Unless, of course, there’s a deadline to meet… Read more »

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