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  • Learning About Bull Terriers!Learning About Bull Terriers!
    By Dr. Sara Ochoa There are many fun things to learn about this breed! Don’t let their name scare you. While they are rather rambunctious, Bull Terriers are very loving and loyal as well!   Energetic is definitely a good word to describe them. They will keep you on your toes!… Read more »
  • Fun Facts About Whippets!Fun Facts About Whippets!
    By Dr. Sara Ochoa Looking for an energetic, but loving companion to keep you busy? A small but lively friend? Consider the Whippet!   Their name alone is a testimony to their fun-loving nature! The Whippet’s name originated from an antique word  “whappet”. Whappet is used to describe ‘a small dog… Read more »
  • What Makes the Alaskan Malamute So Special?What Makes the Alaskan Malamute So Special?
    By Dr. Sara Ochoa The Alaskan Malamute, pronounced ma-le-myoot, is defined as a sled dog of northern America. However, this article will give you a much more in-depth study of this wonderful breed! Yes, this breed is closely related to huskies which is obvious by their outward appearance.   Malamutes are… Read more »
  • Why Dalmatians Make Such Great Companions!Why Dalmatians Make Such Great Companions!
    By Dr. Sara Ochoa Have you ever watched 101 Dalmatians and absolutely fallen in love with the little pups? These adorable polka-dot doggos make great companions! The Dalmatian served many different roles throughout history, everything from a coaching dog, a Romanian gypsy companion, to the firefighter mascot! So if you are… Read more »
  • What You Should Know About Samoyeds!What You Should Know About Samoyeds!
    By Dr. Sara Ochoa Friendly, gentle, and adaptable. White, fluffy, and the perfect cuddle buddy. Hardworking, adventurous, and loveable. Sounds perfect right? That is just a small glimpse into the Samoyed breed!   The name, Samoyed, is pronounced suh-moy-uhd. Samoyeds were named after a nomadic tribe in Serbia. These pups were… Read more »
  • What to Love About the Scottish Terrier!What to Love About the Scottish Terrier!
    By Dr. Sara Ochoa Looking for a fun-sized, furry companion? This might be just the pup for you! The Scottish Terrier, more commonly called Scottie, is an independent-minded, loyal fellow! Known for their very human-like character, Scotties relate well to their owners.   Scottie’s determination and persistence earned them the nickname… Read more »
  • What Makes the Australian Cattle Dog Unique?What Makes the Australian Cattle Dog Unique?
    By Dr. Sara Ochoa Looking for an active pup to add some excitement to your life? Take a look at the Australian Cattle Dog, also referred to as ACD. Originating in, you guessed it, the land down under, Australia! The Australian Cattle Dog is also called the Blue, Red, or Queensland… Read more »
  • What you should know about the Brussels Griffon!What you should know about the Brussels Griffon!
    By Dr. Sara Ochoa Are you looking for a small addition to your family? You came to the right place! Take into consideration the Brussels Griffon. This dog was used as a standard to judge dogs in shows. The Brussels Griffon is considered the ideal pet! Wherever you live, this toy… Read more »
  • Papillon BreedPapillon Breed
    By Dr. Sara Ochoa So, you are looking for the perfect breed for your family. Consider the Papillon (pronounced ‘pap-ee-yon’)! This breed was once prized by European royalty but won’t turn up his nose at anyone! A small but distinguished looking gentleman, the papillon is a loyal and intelligent addition to… Read more »
  • Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier BreedSoft Coated Wheaten Terrier Breed
    By Dr. Sara Ochoa If you are on the quest to find an active and merry companion, you’ve come to the right place! Meet the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier! Hailing from Ireland, this gregarious farm-dog has become beloved as a family and adventure dog. He loves children and is always looking… Read more »

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