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  • Remembering The 1979 Ducati 900 SS
    Aside from its simple, beautiful design, the 1979 Ducati is a fabulous bike with an impressive track record. It comes powered with a 904cc air-cooled engine that is very reliable and fitted with a very competent chassis. This sporty bike has a comfortable position and hard suspension, allowing you to… Read more »
  • The Best Glamping Campgrounds in Texas
    Glamping is the latest trend in camping for people who prefer more luxurious surroundings and the comforts of home while enjoying nature. The term is derived from combining the words camping and glamorous to come up with a word that defines a more upscale method for camping. Campground hosts specializing… Read more »
  • A Closer Look at The 2022 Morgan Super 3
    The 2022 Morgan Super 3 is the latest three-cylinder tricycle that has an exceptional performance level as a three-wheeled motorized machine. The Super 3 may look like a car, but in order to qualify as one, it needs four wheels. Morgan’s new model sits on three. It isn’t a motorcycle… Read more »
  • Is It Possible to Get a Mortgage for a Boat?
    Like car loans, there are also boat loans where you can apply for a specific loan amount and be required to pay premiums within a certain time. You can apply for a boat loan through credit unions, marine finance companies, boat dealers, and commercial banks. Boats tend to be more… Read more »
  • The 10 Best Bed and Breakfasts In Cape May
    Cape May, New Jersey is a historic town located at the southern tip of the Cape May Peninsula where the Delaware Bay meets the Atlantic Ocean. Cape May is one of the oldest American vacation destinations. During the latter nineteenth century, Cape May became a summer destination. Mostly wealthy families… Read more »
  • Remembering The 1979 Ducati 500 Pantah
    When going over the specifications of the 1979 Ducati 500 Pantah, New Zealand’s Motorcycle Specs first points out this bike’s engineered design. This was a four-stroke engine with a two-cylinder design that each had two valves. It had a capacity of 499 cubic centimeters and a bore-by-stroke of 74 x… Read more »
  • Is it Worth Splurging on Cruise Drink Packages?
    If you are a regular cruiser, you know how wonderful it is to enjoy great meals while drinking wine and beer. So when preparing for a cruise, you need to purchase a beverage package to allow you to enjoy your favorite drinks with ease. At times it is usually difficult… Read more »
  • 10 Things You Didn’t Know about Vitaly Ponomarev
    Vitaly Ponomarev is the founder of WayRay. Said company is involved in augmented reality. Specifically, WayRay is known for its AR HUDs for cars. Currently, Ponomarev is serving as both the company’s CEO and the company’s Chairman, so it seems safe to say that he is the one individual who… Read more »
  • How Lift Foils is Changing the Game in Surfing
    Lift Foils is a Puerto Rican company that has been making hydrofoils or E-foils since 2010. The E-Foil is a battery-powered board that is equipped with a mast and wing. E-foils usually lift from the water hence creating the feeling of levitating. This board works using the same principle of… Read more »
  • The 20 Best Things to do in Manchester, NH
    Manchester is a city in southern New Hampshire, United States. This city is packed full of activities and attractions for all ages. From museums and parks to restaurants and nightlife, Manchester has something for everyone. In this article, we will highlight the 20 best things to do in this vibrant… Read more »

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