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  • 10 Cool Boutique Hotels in Batangas City10 Cool Boutique Hotels in Batangas City
    Batangas is a province in Luzon, the Philippines, that is also among the most visited places in the country. Batangas is quite a popular destination for a relaxing weekend getaway with a collection of fantastic historical sites, unique architecture, and nature spots. Batangas is about a 2-hour drive from Manila… Read more »
  • Top 10 Cool Boutique Hotels in Cebu CityTop 10 Cool Boutique Hotels in Cebu City
    Cebu is an island that is part of a cluster in the Visayas region of the Philippines. Its city, Cebu City, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. Dubbed the “Queen City of the South,” Cebu City is known for its rich culture, food, and art. … Read more »
  • Girls’ Weekend Guide To Oklahoma CityGirls’ Weekend Guide To Oklahoma City
    Are you planning on embarking on a fun weekend getaway with your friends in Oklahoma City? Well, you have to come to the right place for guidance. OKC offers a broad selection of fun activities to create a memorable girls’ weekend staycation, and I’m here to help you plan out… Read more »
  • 6 Reasons You Should Visit Batanes, Philippines (The Home of the Winds)6 Reasons You Should Visit Batanes, Philippines (The Home of the Winds)
    Batanes is an archipelago province in Cagayan Valley, located in the northernmost part of Luzon. It is also the smallest province in the Philippines and is quite tricky to get to as you cannot reach it by land and the only way to go there is via airplane.  Also known as the… Read more »
  • 9 Most Instagram-Worthy Locations in Bacolod City9 Most Instagram-Worthy Locations in Bacolod City
    Bacolod City is the capital of Negros Occidental, a province in the Western part of the Visayas Islands. For your information, Visayas is one of the three main archipelagos that make up the Philippines. Bacolod City is also known as the City of Smiles due to its famous MassKara Festival,… Read more »
  • Unique Glamping Destinations in VisayasUnique Glamping Destinations in Visayas
    The Visayas region is among the top tourist destinations in the Philippines thanks to its tropical weather, fantastic cuisine, breathtaking beaches such as Boracay, and fun festivals such as the MassKara Festival. But, if nature tripping is more your cup of tea, Visayas also offers that in spades.  With pandemic… Read more »
  • Things to Do in Siargao Island – The Philippines Surfing CapitalThings to Do in Siargao Island – The Philippines Surfing Capital
    Siargao Island is one of the fastest-rising tourist destinations in the Philippines, both for locals and international visitors. Named “The Surfing Capital of the Philippines,” this paradise island offers pristine beaches, lush greenery, fresh air, and many more.  Located on the northeastern coast of Mindanao, Siargao Island is a teardrop-shaped… Read more »
  • 10 Cool & Unique Hotels in Oklahoma City10 Cool & Unique Hotels in Oklahoma City
    Oklahoma City is the capital city of Oklahoma and features a collection of iconic buildings that dates back to the 19th and 20th centuries. Oklahoma City is also known for its rugged cowboy culture that can be seen in full display with its people and buildings.  With the city’s deep… Read more »
  • Girls’ Weekend Guide To NashvilleGirls’ Weekend Guide To Nashville
    Nashville, Tennessee, is known as Music City and is the home of country music. But music of all kinds can be found in the city, it’s also the birthplace of bluegrass and has a great pop and rock scene. Due to its deep roots in music, Nashville is great destination… Read more »
  • 10 Cool & Unique Hotels in Nashville10 Cool & Unique Hotels in Nashville
    Nashville, Tennessee, is one of America’s fastest-growing cities and is steadily becoming a top tourist destination thanks to its food, museums, historical sites, and of course, live music.  It’s often referred to as Music City. While Nashville is known as the Capital of Country Music, you can find music of all… Read more »

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