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  • Soda Crisis Impressions
    The side-scrolling shooter genre of games is one that has been a staple for many years. In recent years you have games like ‘My Friend Predro’ and ‘Cuphead’ that have injected new energy into the space. Soda Crisis by Team Soda fits right in and looks to bring a ton… Read more »
  • GenZeroes Interview with Ben Sawyer – Fan Expo 2022
    GenZeroes is a very unique concept. A hybrid live action show and comic book with some crypto sprinkled in. The post appeared first on The Game Fanatics,. Read more »
  • EPOS H3 Pro Hybrid – New Colors and New Features
    An amazing headset just got betterThe post appeared first on The Game Fanatics,. Read more »
  • Infinite Album Adds Customization to Your Background Music
    As more and more people get into streaming, problems with finding the right music for every mood grows. Add on top of that, finding decent music that can be streamed royalty-free and there are only so many options at your disposal. This is where Infinite Album comes in. Infinite Album… Read more »
  • A Different Take on Tower Defense – Hostile Mars | PAX East 2022
    While browsing the PAX East show floor, Hostile Mars caught our eye right away. At first glance, it reminded us of No Man Sky but with a lot more combat. We got a chance to get our hands on the game and we quickly found out that this is something… Read more »
  • AmazeVR and Meg Thee Stallion Enter The Hottieverse | SXSW
    VR is finally getting to the point where it makes sense for more users to have it in their homes. There are a ton of uses for the various headsets on the market from gaming, media consumption, and now concerts. AmazeVR has partnered with Megan Thee Stallion in their first… Read more »
  • Hro X DC Create Hybrid NFTs | SXSW
    During SXSW 2022 Warner Media had a few activations spread around the city. You could just hang out at some, create unique wearables at others and experience the world of Batman in another. At the Batman activation, the costumes from the most recent movie were on display along with other… Read more »
  • Paramount Plus’ Halo Series Takes Viewers on a Wild Ride | SXSW
    One of the screenings that were on the top of our list for SXSW 2022 was the screening of the first episode of the Paramount Halo Series. I will hold off on the spoilers until the show’s official release on March 24th but viewers have a lot to look forward… Read more »
  • DMZ Premieres at SXSW
    DMZ is the latest comic book adaptation to hit HBO Max. If you are not familiar with the series, it is based on a comic book written by Brian Wood. It is set in a near future where are second civil war has broken out and turned Manhattan into a… Read more »
  • Wanted: Dead SXSW Trailer
    During the SXSW Gaming Awards, we got our first full look at the new, super-stylized hack and slash game, Wanted: Dead. The game is developed by Soleil and inspired by games like Devil May Cry, Bayonetta, and Ninja Gaiden. It’s an exciting blend of melee combat and over-the-shoulder mechanics. Wanted:… Read more »

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