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  • GTA VI Trailer Incoming: Here’s What We Know
    Get the latest scoop on GTA VI! Rockstar confirms trailer release for Dec 5, hinting a thrilling return to Vice City. Stay tuned for more details!The post appeared first on The Game Fanatics,. Read more »
  • Bringing L.A. Comic Con 2023 From the Scene to Your Screen
    Hey, Fanatics! Buckle up, because L.A. Comic Con is making its grand return to the City of Angels this weekend, December 1-3, and it’s shaping up to be an out-of-this-world experience! Last year was epic with 126,000 fans geeking out in a world of comics, gaming, anime, cosplay, and all… Read more »
    PDP, Victrix, and Activision have had a great relationship for some time now. Last year they released a special edition Las Almas version of their their Pro BFG Controller. This year, we get a look at two new amazing-looking Call of Duty themed controllers. The new Midnight Mask Victrix Pro… Read more »
  • Lords of the Fallen Impressions | A New Challenger
    Are you looking for a new challenge in the Soulslike genre? Well Lords of the Fallen may have what you are looking for. The post appeared first on The Game Fanatics,. Read more »
  • Ebenezer and the Invisible World Interview | PAX West 2023
    When you mix Metroidvania and the holiday season, you get Ebenezer and the Invisible World. While walking around the PAX show floor this caught my eye. Not only because it was one of the only Christmas-themed games I’ve seen but the action and combat were intriguing. I had to stop… Read more »
  • PDP Introduces the Realmz Controllers
    PDP (formally Pelican) has been producing some of the best third-party consoles and PC peripherals for years now. Most of their releases are officially licensed through the console manufacturers so the quality is always top-notch. The latest creation to come out of the PDP labs is their new REALMz controllers.… Read more »
  • Lords of the Fallen Hand On | PAX West 2023
    As I mature in my gaming journey, I have increasingly enjoyed the soul-like genre. I have a new level of patience when it comes to diving into more challenging games and you are really going to need that patience when playing Lords of the Fallen. I was a fan of… Read more »
  • Pdp Makes the Perfect Zelda Accessories for Your Switch
    PDP (Formerly Pelican) is known for making some really cool looking accessories for consoles and PC. If you head to the PDP site, you will see hundreds of products themed around games like Mario, Call of Duty, and more. With the current popularity of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of… Read more »
  • What Am I Playing | Rogue Legacy 2
    There are always a ton of games to play but that doesn’t stop us from getting into a gaming rut every now and then. It is often easy to jump into a game we are familiar with for a quick session but sometimes, many of us don’t feel like playing… Read more »
  • The Blackening Review: Predictable Yet Hilarious
    Have you ever wondered what black people would actually do when placed in a horror movie? Well, Tim Story takes an ‘all black’ cast to remove the horror movie trope of the black character dying first. The Blackening is a horror comedy film about a group of Black friends who… Read more »

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