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  • Staying Safe When Trading on a Trading App
    The financial market has become more accessible since traders can now install trading apps on their mobile devices and trade on the go. Trading using mobile apps gives you opportunities to track the market anytime and open a position based on solid strategies. Also, the apps have made it easier… Read more »
  • Mozilla launches Thinderbird for android
    Mozilla has introduced a new email client for Android devices called K-9 Mail. The mobile application is being unveiled as part of Mozilla‚Äôs Thunderbird family of open-source desktop email and chat applications. K-9 Mail is not a new launch. The source code of K-9 Mail was primarily published in the… Read more »
  • Data Analytics startup USEReady launches a new centres
    USEReady, a New York headquartered strategic data and Analytics partner, has set up a new data centre in Mohali, Chandigarh. The data centre, which is already operational, aims to create jobs for local talent that is growing in smaller towns post the pandemic. USEReady is likely to hire around 200… Read more »
  • Is Signal an alternative to Whatsapp?
    A cross-platform centralized encrypted messaging service, Signal, is developed by the Signal Foundation and Signal Messenger. Signal utilizes the Internet to transmit messages one-to-one and to groups as well; it includes features like files, voice notes, images, and video exchange. The signal is ready to download for Android, iPhone, and… Read more »
  • What are the Advantages of an Electric Mountain Bike?
    Would you like to start mountain biking? If you are someone that likes to be out in nature and loves to explore, this can be the perfect activity for you. Plus, it is fun when you go on an adventure with your friends. But, something you have to be prepared… Read more »

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