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  • Benefits of using a collapsible backdrop for photography
    If you’re a photographer, you cannot always rely on your studio for taking the best pictures. Sometimes you may sign those projects that need outdoor shooting. In that case, you’d need those gears that are compact, portable, foldable, and hence can be taken down anywhere. Collapsible backdrops are an ideal… Read more »
  • 5 Awesome Tips to inspire you for Studio Photography Beginners
    Are your studio portraits not coming out as you would like? Then follow these tips to get the most out of your studio setup. 1. Set the right shutter speed for your camera. Hand-holding a camera is more challenging. Make sure the shutter speed doesn’t cause camera shake. If in… Read more »
  • How to seek the perfect background for Your Images
    A creative subject, engaging models, lighting and props that catch the eye, are all elements you need to capture stunning images for your clients. How much thoughts do you give to choosing the right background for your shots? While a background is an important part of visual storytelling, it is… Read more »
  • The Most Common Car Insurance Mistakes
    Having insurance coverage is essential for all car owners. However, one of the people’s most common financial mistakes is not taking insurance matters seriously. You should always ensure you are adequately covered for your needs. Any form of insurance plays a role in protecting your assets in case of accident… Read more »
  • A Guide To Fashion Photography
    Despite fashion being a female-centric and driven-business, only around 13.7% of covers of leading American fashion magazines are shot by women, the New York Times reports. But, with fashion photography being more popular than ever in the modern digital world, there’s never been a better time for photographers of any gender to… Read more »
  • Everything you need on a long road trip
    Road trips can make the best memories, but they can also turn into a disaster if they are not properly planned for. To make sure your next road trip is a positive experience, make sure you read this guide. It details everything that you could possibly need when you are… Read more »
  • Best places in the UK for a holiday
    The UK might not be the first place that jumps to mind when you think of a vacation. It’s certainly not the best place to relax on the beach or beside the pool. However, the beautiful English countryside, Welsh valleys, and Scottish Highlands all offer a unique charm. Here are… Read more »
  • How to Teach Your Teenager How to Budget and Save? Budgeting and saving money is a difficult task even for adults. Many people today live from paycheck to paycheck as they haven’t mastered these two habits. In some cases the only opportunity for these people to cover all bills is… Read more »
  • A Guide to Property Types in Singapore
    If you are considering relocating to Singapore, the type of accommodation you wish to live in should top your list of priorities as a first-time buyer in the country. Whichever you choose is largely dependent on your individual financial and social circumstances. But with so many options to choose from,… Read more »
  • The Benefits of Organising Travel Insurance
    Travel insurance can protect you, and your loved ones, in the event of an accident or emergency abroad. As a result, it is one of the most important steps involved in the lead up to a holiday regardless of whether you are setting off on a weekend break or jetting… Read more »

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