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  • PlayStation Portal: Release Date, Price, Features, And More!
    It’s fair to say that Sony’s history when it comes to portable gaming consoles has been mixed. On the one hand, the PlayStation Portable, or PSP, was a defining handheld of its generation. Many great RPGs, platformers, and more were released for this excellent little machine, and it more than… Read more »
  • PS5 Christmas Buyers’ Guide 2023PS5 Christmas Buyers’ Guide 2023
    It’s official (well, according to us, anyway): 2023 is the perfect year to buy a PS5. While buying the console in the last couple of years has been somewhat difficult to recommend, Sony’s current-gen machine is shoring up its exclusive library admirably, and even more are scheduled to arrive in… Read more »
  • The Best PS5 4-Player Games In 2023The Best PS5 4-Player Games In 2023
    There are few joys in life more delightful than playing local multiplayer games with friends. For a while, during the seventh and eighth console generations, it felt like every game was switching to online multiplayer, leaving those who wanted to enjoy games with their friends in the same room in… Read more »
  • The Best PS5 Anime Games In 2023The Best PS5 Anime Games In 2023
    If there’s one area where the PS5 absolutely shines, it’s in the visual department. Games on PS5 look simply gorgeous, allowing the individual art styles and aesthetics their developers have so lovingly crafted to enhance the gameplay in ways we’ve never seen before. Naturally, one of the biggest beneficiaries of… Read more »
  • The Best PS5 Cricket Games In 2023The Best PS5 Cricket Games In 2023
    If you’re not a cricket fan, it can be pretty tricky to “get” cricket’s appeal. For many non-cricket-lovers, the sport essentially boils down to what feels like waiting for an age, followed by brief spurts of activity and then a return to waiting. However, much like tennis, cricket often feels… Read more »
  • The Best PS5 Arcade Games In 2023The Best PS5 Arcade Games In 2023
    Ah, the humble arcade. Is there anything that better encapsulates the history of video games as a medium than an arcade cabinet? From Pac-Man to Space Invaders, there have been so many classic arcade games over the years that it’s almost impossible to keep track of them all. Happily, the… Read more »
  • The Best PS5 WW2 Games In 2023The Best PS5 WW2 Games In 2023
    World War II has proven to be extremely fertile ground for video games. Whether it’s the early days of Call of Duty or the back-to-basics approach favoured by shooters like Battlefield, World War II provides a relatively uncomplicated narrative for gamers to get behind, as well as a strong setting… Read more »
  • Exploring PS5’s Controller Capabilities: How Many Can Connect?
    There’s nothing quite like inviting a few friends over for a multiplayer gaming session. Whether you’re indulging in the joys of a competitive fighting game or teaming up to take on some dungeons in an RPG together, gaming becomes exponentially better the more players you add, especially when it comes… Read more »
  • The Top PS5 War Games To Play In 2023The Top PS5 War Games To Play In 2023
    If you’re looking for a superior adrenaline rush when you’re gaming, then there are few better ways to get that than to pick up your virtual rifle and engage in some warfare. Of course, gaming will never be like real war – we wouldn’t want it to be as harrowing… Read more »
  • The Perfect Date Night: Best PS5 Games For Couples To Play TogetherThe Perfect Date Night: Best PS5 Games For Couples To Play Together
    Aeons ago, gaming was regarded as a solitary hobby. Partners would watch in despair as their significant others gamed well into the night, wondering when they were going to get to spend some time with the person they loved (or so the stereotype went, anyway). It’s definitely not an understatement… Read more »

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