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  • Why Is The PS5 So Expensive?Why Is The PS5 So Expensive?
    In November 2020, Sony released the PlayStation 5 to almost unanimously positive reviews. Critics praised the console’s incredibly fast loading times, its silky-smooth framerates, and its slick user interface. Some criticism was reserved for its oddly small storage and its physical shape and size, but for the most part, the… Read more »
  • Games That Make it Worth Buying a PlayStation 5Games That Make it Worth Buying a PlayStation 5
    The argument that it isn’t worth buying a PS5 yet is quite valid. The console is woefully overpriced and scarce thanks to scalpers. It is a loss leader for Sony, so they are not interested in paying more to increase production, and Microsoft is not threatening to make them irrelevant,… Read more »
  • The Best PS5 Games For May 2022The Best PS5 Games For May 2022
    The PS5 continues, arguably, to be the best console available on the market right now. Despite ongoing stock shortages, it’s hard to argue with the incredible software lineup available on the console; from exclusives like Demon’s Souls through to current-gen classics like Elden Ring, the gaming experience on PS5 is… Read more »
  • 10 Most Impressive PS5 Games in 202110 Most Impressive PS5 Games in 2021
    The PS5 has had a stuttering start due to the pandemic, high demand and lack of stock since its release in November 12, 2020. One of the key factors in keeping this demand strong has been the onslaught of games with never-before-seen graphics and high performance levels – demonstrations of… Read more »
  • 5 PS5 Games with Insane Graphics5 PS5 Games with Insane Graphics
    Sony’s new flagship console launched in late 2020 and we are still due a major console restock as the skinny catalogue of next-gen games grows larger. For many of us, the PS5 capabilities has been a mystery uncovered at great length by poring over specs, reviews and the highest quality… Read more »
  • The Best 4K Gaming Monitor – Does Desklab Make the PS5 Cut?The Best 4K Gaming Monitor – Does Desklab Make the PS5 Cut?
    If you had a PlayStation or Xbox back in the day, you’d simply plug it into your TV and mash the controller buttons until you had enough fun for one day. There was no such thing as Desklab or even a conversation about the best gaming monitor with earlier iterations… Read more »
  • What Is The New PlayStation Plus?
    For many months now, rumours have swirled that a “PlayStation Game Pass” subscription service is coming. Introducing a competitor to Microsoft’s all-consuming Xbox Game Pass makes a lot of sense; it gives PS5 gamers a rival subscription to pick up, and it would be a shot in the arm for… Read more »
  • Gran Turismo 7 Review – Start Your EnginesGran Turismo 7 Review – Start Your Engines
    Gran Turismo 7 had some pretty big shoes to fill. The previous game in the series, Gran Turismo Sport, wasn’t quite what many players were expecting; it had a strong online focus and prioritised multiplayer modes over Gran Turismo’s historically excellent single-player content. As a result, many players thought that… Read more »
  • Will There Be A Metal Gear Solid Collection On PS5?Will There Be A Metal Gear Solid Collection On PS5?
    Metal Gear Solid is one of the most beloved franchises of all time. From the moment of its debut on the MSX2 in 1987 all the way through to 2018’s somewhat ill-advised Metal Gear Survive, Hideo Kojima’s stealth-action series has experienced incredible highs and controversial moments alike. Many gamers cut… Read more »
  • The Best PS5 Controller Keyboards
    The PS5 is a wonderful console, but if there’s one area in which it hasn’t iterated at all (somewhat disappointingly), it’s typing. Sending messages to your friends in text form is painful if you’re using the onscreen keyboard, and although the console does support voice dictation, that just isn’t enough… Read more »

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