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  • The Best PS5 Games for March 2024The Best PS5 Games for March 2024
    After a bumper February in which future classics like Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and Persona 3 Reload were released, the PS5 is gearing up for an equally busy March. Major releases from Team Ninja, 2K and Visual Concepts, and THQ Nordic are on the way this month, with smaller independent… Read more »
  • The Best PS5 Games Coming In January 2024
    As Christmas – and, indeed, 2023 – recede into the distance, it’s time to start looking ahead to January 2024 and the beginning of a brand new year. Traditionally, January isn’t the most exciting month for game releases; often, games that launch in January tend to be more niche or… Read more »
  • Can you play online casinos on PS5? What you need to know
    With an impressive sales record exceeding 40 million units within its initial three years, the PlayStation 5 (PS5) has revolutionized the gaming industry. However, have you ever contemplated the possibility of elevating your gaming experience by playing at online casinos on this console? In this article, we aim to provide… Read more »
  • The Best PS5 Casino Games To Play In 2024The Best PS5 Casino Games To Play In 2024
    Your PS5 is good for so many things. It’s a great gaming machine, of course, but it can also play movies and music, help you connect with friends, and much more besides. Perhaps one of the most overlooked ways your PS5 can provide you with endless entertainment is through its… Read more »
  • PS5 Slim vs PS5 put to the test
    The original PlayStation 5 arrived to much fanfare when it launched two years ago, but now there is a new kid on the block — the PS5 Slim. The latter may well be a much sleeker product, and although it has only just been recently released, demand could well soar… Read more »
  • Turning Off Your PS5: Quick and Easy Methods Explained
    Proper turn-off of your PlayStation 5 (PS5) is quite essential to the life span of the console and protection for all your data. Different methods based on the situation may power down your PS5. This guide will go over everything, allowing you to optimize the steps for when you want… Read more »
  • The Best PS5 Games For December 2023The Best PS5 Games For December 2023
    Traditionally speaking, December can often be a quieter month in the gaming world. While the mad dash for Christmas is very much on and everyone is looking for something to gift the gamer in their lives, the vast majority of noteworthy releases usually target an October or November release. With… Read more »
  • PlayStation Portal: Release Date, Price, Features, And More!
    It’s fair to say that Sony’s history when it comes to portable gaming consoles has been mixed. On the one hand, the PlayStation Portable, or PSP, was a defining handheld of its generation. Many great RPGs, platformers, and more were released for this excellent little machine, and it more than… Read more »
  • PS5 Christmas Buyers’ Guide 2023PS5 Christmas Buyers’ Guide 2023
    It’s official (well, according to us, anyway): 2023 is the perfect year to buy a PS5. While buying the console in the last couple of years has been somewhat difficult to recommend, Sony’s current-gen machine is shoring up its exclusive library admirably, and even more are scheduled to arrive in… Read more »
  • The Best PS5 4-Player Games In 2023The Best PS5 4-Player Games In 2023
    There are few joys in life more delightful than playing local multiplayer games with friends. For a while, during the seventh and eighth console generations, it felt like every game was switching to online multiplayer, leaving those who wanted to enjoy games with their friends in the same room in… Read more »

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