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  • Archiving and eDiscovery: Key Considerations
    By adopting a proactive stance and implementing robust archiving and eDiscovery practices, organizations can mitigate risks and significantly reduce the costs associated with legal data requisitions. In the digital age, preparedness for eDiscovery is a legal necessity and a strategic asset. The post Archiving and eDiscovery: Key Considerations written by… Read more »
  • The Enduring Legacy of C++ in Modern Programming
    Discover the timeless relevance of C++ in today's programming landscape. Originating from the C language, C++ revolutionized software development with its robustness and object-oriented approach. Continuously evolving through standardization, C++ remains a top choice for both learners and professionals, as evidenced by its enduring popularity in the Stack Overflow Developer… Read more »
  • Key Factors to Consider When Hiring an App Development Agency
    Hiring an app developer is arguably the more complex part of creating a fantastic app (at least for you). However, by adhering to the principles laid out in this post, you should end up with an agency you can trust to help you bring your vision to life.  The post… Read more »
  • C++23: Exploring the New Features
    C++23 is the latest iteration of the C++ standard which is now available. It brings a multitude of exciting features and improvements to the language. This article looks into these new features, explores their benefits and how developers can leverage them to write more efficient, expressive, and maintainable C++ code.… Read more »
  • Data Encryption and Modern C++
    Both encryption and decryption are performed using encryption keys – algorithmically generated sequences of symbols that act as the “key” for a specific “lock” that is encrypted data. It is possible for both the encryption key and the decryption key to be the same. Still, the more common tactic is to use… Read more »
  • Know Your Business Solution: A Secret Sauce to Keep Fraudsters Away
    Know Your Business solutions enable organizations to identify the legitimacy of partnering companies and investors for secure operations and enhanced security. The post Know Your Business Solution: A Secret Sauce to Keep Fraudsters Away written by M. Saqib first appeared on MYCPLUS - C and C++ Programming Resources. Read more »
  • 5 Ways Generative AI Can Supercharge Manufacturing Efficiency
    The manufacturing industry is entering into a revolution of generative AI. Fresh proven gains in AI models continue to emerge, offering new ways of boosting productivity, quality, maintenance, and improvement. Pilot makers of this technology can now gain competitive advantages as early adopters. The post 5 Ways Generative AI Can… Read more »
  • Control Flow in C Programming – The for and while Loop
    In C programming, controlling the flow of the program is the key to unleashing the true potential of your code. In this article, we will look into the loops and control statements which are fundamental constructs and shape the flow of execution in your programs. The post Control Flow in… Read more »
  • Operators in C Programming
    In C Programming, operators are symbols or keywords used to perform operations on values and variables. These are fundamental to performing various operations in C programming and are essential for building complex algorithms and programs. We can use operators to perform a wide range of tasks, including arithmetic calculations, logical… Read more »
  • Structure in C Programming
    A structure is combination of different data types. Lets take the example of a book, if we cant to declare a book we will be thinking about the name, title, authors and publisher of the book and publishing year. So to declare a book we need to have some complex… Read more »

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