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  • Top 6 Games I Shouldn’t LikeTop 6 Games I Shouldn’t Like
    I’ve played a lot of games in the 10 or so years that I’ve been in the hobby, and have a pretty good read on what I like and don’t like. Here are six games that I shouldn’t like, but I do.   One of the best things I’ve discovered about… Read more »
  • Ark Nova: Marine Worlds Game Review
    Three years in, Ark Nova is still pretty hot. The 2021 release—published by Feuerland Spiele in some parts of the world, Capstone Games in the US—stands at #4 on the BGG list of all-time fan favorites, and every time I go to conventions I see the big Ark Nova sign… Read more »
  • The Dusty Euros Series: The Hanging GardensThe Dusty Euros Series: The Hanging Gardens
    The guys in my Wednesday gaming group started a push to play more of the old, dust-ridden games at the bottom and backs of our respective game closet shelves. The premise was simple: let’s try to remember why we keep all these old games when all we ever play now… Read more »
  • Bosa Game ReviewBosa Game Review
    The town of Bosa boasts a population slightly smaller than my little western Pennsylvania town. A hillside community along the coast of Italy’s Sardinia region, Bosa is primed for a travel brochure with its colorful, charming row houses and its medieval Castle of Serravalle. It is also primed for a… Read more »
  • Quick Peaks – John Company, Rival Restaurants: Back for Seconds, Mysticana: A Foundation Deck, Paris: La Cité de la Lumière, Line-ItQuick Peaks – John Company, Rival Restaurants: Back for Seconds, Mysticana: A Foundation Deck, Paris: La Cité de la Lumière, Line-It
    John Company: Second Edition - K. David Ladage I knew going into John Company what I was getting into. This is a deep, heavy, and oftentimes disturbing game. I minored in history in college; much of that was Asian history (a favorite topic). The focus of my education was China,… Read more »
  • Quoridor Pac-Man Game ReviewQuoridor Pac-Man Game Review
    Last fall, my friend and colleague Tom Franklin reviewed the 1997 abstract Quoridor, published by Gigamic. (BGG indicates that Quoridor is based on an older game called Pinko Pallino that has a slightly larger map and different rules.) I hadn’t played Quoridor before, so I was intrigued by Tom’s review.… Read more »
  • Matches Game ReviewMatches Game Review
    Sometimes you know, and you know right away. Reading the rules for Matches, a gorgeous-looking card game from designer Daniel McKinley and publisher Thing 12 Games, I was a touch baffled. “I don’t know what this is going to be,” I said. Matches sells itself as a “trick-taking style game,”… Read more »
  • Congress of Gamers 2024Congress of Gamers 2024
    I recently moved from Cedar Rapids, Iowa to Upper Marlboro, Maryland. Of the many things that changed as a result of this move is the fact that I no longer had local access to some of the local gaming events like ICON, a sci-fi and fantasy convention. Fortunately, a few… Read more »
  • 18 Things About TraXX Four!
    There was a point, maybe a year ago, when I was really digging into the 18xx category. I started to wonder, between the other large conventions that I hit (such as Gen Con and SPIEL), whether anyone had started a series of shows based solely on train games. Surely, SOMEBODY… Read more »
  • Let’s Go To Japan Game Review
    Japan, a nation that has seamlessly woven itself into the fabric of our daily lives, defies the need for introduction. From the vehicles we navigate our streets with, to the gaming platforms that transport us to realms of fantasy, and the captivating animations that grace our screens, Japan's influence is… Read more »

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